NASA Director Reveals the 4 Places Most Likely to Have Alien Life in Our Solar System

Is there life beyond Earth in the solar system? NASA director of planetary science James Green says we don’t know yet, but that we’re “hot on the pursuit” and will answer that question in 10 years.

“The data that we’re receiving is really exciting in telling us, forcing us to think about this in new and exciting ways. I believe we’re on the right track…If we answer it, and it’s positive, then life is everywhere in the solar system. Just think about that—we might not be alone,” he said.

This prediction was said in a Ted Talk—given at TedTalks Live last November and just uploaded to—where he details why NASA thinks they’re on the brink of of answering this question and where in the solar system alien life is most likely to live. You can find these planets and moons listed in the slideshow above along with his explanation as to why NASA believes they may have life.

It’s all about the ingredients needed for life: liquid water, energy and organic material. 

“I have to tell you that early in my career when we looked at these three elements, I didn’t believe that they were beyond Earth for any length of time and in any real quantity,” he said during the talk. “Venus is way too hot—it’s got no water. Mars is dry and arid—it’s got no water. And beyond Mars, the water in the solar system is all frozen.”

He continued:

“But recent observations have changed all of that. It’s now turning our attention to the right places for us to take a deeper look and start to answer our life question. So when look out into the solar system, where are the possibilities?” 

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