People Instagram Their Dogs More Than Their Significant Others

Everyone wants a famous pet

People just love taking pictures of their pets.

People just love taking pictures of their pets. (Photo: Samson the Goldendoodle Instagram)

Do dog owners love their pets more than their significant others?, a site used to find pet sitters and dog walkers, investigated how people truly approach parenting their pets. Their first annual Rover Report showed that those surveyed care more about their dogs than work, significant others and traveling.

65 percent of those surveyed admitted to taking more photos of their dog than their friends and their significant others. It’s unsurprising, as dogs have the ability to go viral–and who wouldn’t want to quit their job to promote their pet’s Instagram page? Then you could be invited to join the most exclusive clique in America. And no one really wants to see a photo of a S.O., but everyone appreciates a solid puppy picture.

51 percent of the pet owners believe it’s harder to find the perfect dog walker than it is to find a spouse, but obviously those people haven’t spent time on dating apps. The majority of clients surveyed got dogs for companionship and describe themselves as “doting parents.” Luckily, only 15 percent called themselves “helicopter parents,” and “tiger mom” wasn’t even an option.

These dog owners don’t just take an endless supply of selfies. They also admit to getting items personalized for their pets (because nothing says man’s best friend quite like a monogram) and ‘fess up to purchasing birthdays and holiday presents for their canine. Unfortunately, there’s no data on how many of them hosted parties for their pets. But before you start racing to the next pet adoption event, know that owning a dog is a major responsibility, causing most people surveyed to give up traveling and to stick more to their dog’s exercise routine than their own. But it can lead to regular walks, and that’s far more relaxing than a SoulCycle class. 83 percent of dog owners met someone during their walks, but it was mostly neighbors or friends. Don’t they know that an impromptu dog walk is the best meet-cute there is? Then, they can find a significant other to love less than their dog.

People Instagram Their Dogs More Than Their Significant Others