Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp Announces His Support for Fulop for Governor

Mayor Mapp: In gear.

Mayor Mapp: In gear. Max Pizarro for Observer

In the middle of an intensifying 2017 contest, Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp plans to back Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for governor next year.

“Mayor Fulop and I have a great relationship, we are friends, and I admire the great work he has been doing in Jersey City. I am a supporter,” the mayor said.

“I read the ‘old school’ comment that came out of last night’s meeting from our county chairman and I have a pretty good idea what that means,” he added. “At this point I am ready to stand with Mayor Fulop because I believe in what he represents and I am convinced his progressive agenda is what the state needs and what will be of great benefit to a city like Plainfield. Since some party leaders have decided to fold the 2017 governor’s race in with the 2016 presidential race, I am, today, announcing my support for mayor Fulop for governor.”

Mapp’s decision to formally throw in with Fulop came a day after a meeting in Mountainside by members of the Democratic Party establishment, which included Union County Democratic Chairman Jerry Green.

Green and Mapp are longtime local political antagonists.

Green has not formally backed a candidate for governor, but joined a crowd of Democrats last night who appear to place Fulop at the bottom of their list for governor.

“Everybody has an opportunity to say what they feel and what they think,” Green told PolitickerNJ. “I’m not ready to make that commitment. I will be sitting down with all of the candidates. If anyone wants to come out for Fulop they have that right they speak for their towns. They don’t speak for Union County. Adrian is one vote on the committee. This does not indicate where Union County is going. I wish Mr. Mapp and Mr. Fulop the best of luck and may the best man win.”

Sources told PolitickerNJ that Mapp – who is up for reelection next year – is prepared to join forces with Fulop and organizer Union County Sheriff Joe Cryan in the assembling of an LD22 slate, which is likely to include a Mapp ally for the assembly, a challenger to Green, who serves in the legislature in addition to fulfilling his county chairman’s duties.

“Who are they going to find to run against me?” Green cracked.

Moments ago, Mapp confirmed to PolitickerNJ that he intends to form a slate with Fulop.

“If I’m going to be backing Steve Fulop for governor, it would make sense that we would be a part of the same slate,” the mayor said.

The Plainfield mayor is the second big city mayor in as many weeks to formally back Fulop for governor, joining Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark.

Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp Announces His Support for Fulop for Governor