Stop Swiping: Tinder Lowers Your Self-Esteem

A new "Love me Tinder" study proclaims too much swiping leads to low self-confidence


Tinder users are more likely to exhibit low self-esteem. (Photo: Tinder Instagram)

The new study “Love me Tinder: Body image and Psychosocial Functioning Among Men and Women,” proclaims that people on Tinder have bad self-esteem. Too much swiping leads to users thinking of themselves as sex objects without confidence, especially if users are constantly passing them by, in lieu of more attractive singles. The study was presented at the American Psychological Association. It surveyed 1,300 college student, and found that Tinder users had terrible body image and self-esteem, compared to their peers who weren’t looking for love on the app.

Tinderellas were constantly monitoring how they looked, which makes sense as they’re being judged on a single image, or more, if the swiper has time to peruse a few photos. However, low self-esteem wasn’t limited to ladies. The study found that the men of Tinder (a sad bunch) had the lowest levels of self-esteem. This might have to do with the fact that there are more men on Tinder, so they are swiped left on more often, especially since women are more “discerning” when using the app (or so the study says).

If you were planning on spending the weekend swiping left for entertainment purposes (or to find a serious significant other on an app that values appearance over everything) consider another self-esteem boosting activity. You don’t have to indulge in self-care, as that’s mostly bologna, but you can boost your self-esteem by doing something other than staring at your phone. If you’re looking for a much-needed dignity enhancement, perhaps you can meet someone in the wild. Just think about how much your confidence level will rise once you get a phone number that isn’t off of an app. If that’s not enough, you can try on a pair of your skinniest jeans (only after you’re confident that they’ll fit), go for a retweet from your favorite model (Chrissy Teigen is keen on them) or get a blow-out. After all, there’s no confidence booster like a good hair day. And, if you’re still feeling down in the dumps about the state of your life, you can always take a selfie after your hair appointment…and post it on Tinder.

Stop Swiping: Tinder Lowers Your Self-Esteem