The AYTO Cast Is Revealing Secrets and Throwing Shade All Over Twitter

These reality show stars are kings and queens of shade

The secrets are coming out.

The secrets are coming out. (Photo: Twitter)

The fourth season of MTV’s Are You The One? may be ending tonight, but the drama doesn’t stop there.

The AYTO cast has been throwing a ton of shade—towards both each other and the show—on Twitter, and for anyone who revels in the drama and is on the brink of tears now that it’s over, it’s amazing. They’re really going at it about what happened in the house and revealing secrets about each other (and possibly the show?)

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Here’s some of the best shade we’ve seen so far:

Everyone is calling out Julia for having a boyfriend at home the entire time

Gio also talked about this on Periscope. The alleged boyfriend has posted about her a ton and refers to her as “bae,” and there are pictures of the duo pre and post show all over Julia’s (now private) Instagram.

Victoria also called out Julia for being fake

Julia has had some things to say as well, most notably to Gio

Gio went off on the entire cast (except Kaylen, who he’s be trying to win back via creepy tweets)

He’s also calling out the show for portraying him as a villian

He also said the exes in the episode 8 challenge were fake, and he’s not the only one

We interviewed host Ryan Devlin about this, and he said it’s “bullshit.” Read the full interview here.

Camille had more shade to throw at the cast and show

Morgan and Stephen had some words (and memes) for Gio following his truth booth with Julia

John and Stephen are still fighting over Julia

And Emma revealed what John said during the exes challenge

The AYTO Cast Is Revealing Secrets and Throwing Shade All Over Twitter