The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Jojo, The Chainsmokers, More

If you were caught up binging on Netflix last week, you could have easily missed some amazing new songs—lucky for you we’re here to catch you up real quick. This week, we’re featuring new tracks from The Chainsmokers, JoJo, Two Door Cinema Club, How To Dress Well and Glass Animals.

The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Halsey and name-dropping Blink-182 make this Chainsmokers track a standout. The buildup is a pretty mix of epic synths, and we’re always down for a Chainsmokers collaboration.

JoJo ft. Wiz Khalifa

It’s been a rough road for JoJo. She was stuck in a bad label deal for years and finally has found freedom with Atlantic. While this song may not directly reference fighting with her label, it’s a pretty damn catchy anthem for anyone who doesn’t want to hear “sorry.” And that Wiz Khalifa cameo? They don’t make mic-drop moments like this often enough.

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is back with a very ‘80s sound. Picture yourself bowling with your besties while listening to this one because that’s what Two Door Cinema Club 2.0 sounds like.

How To Dress Well

If you wanted a new favorite melancholic pop track, look no further. How To Dress Well has returned with a slow jam that will make you want to serenade someone (or fall asleep).

Glass Animals

Anthemic psychedelia is the best way to describe Glass Animals’ latest track. The song is layered in harmonic vocals and makes you want to run around in a field chanting with the band.

The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Jojo, The Chainsmokers, More