The Trump Statues Were Made By Anarchists, Original Winnie the Pooh Restored…& More

A Harlem Family by Gordon Parks.

A Harlem Family by Gordon Parks. Courtesy the Gordon Parks Foundation

Apparently the naked Donald Trump who appeared in Union Square was not only one of many—they also later popped up in L.A. and San Francisco—it was also the work of an “anarchist collective,” called Indecline. Is this the beginning of a Mr. Robot type global hacking event?? Here’s hoping. (The Hill)

The New York Public Library has restored the original Winnie the Pooh and his pals. They “rehumidified” him and reattached Piglet’s snout. It’s very, very cute. (Artnet News)

Ukraine is protesting a show at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow that’s showing 38 works by Crimean-born artist Ivan Aivazovsky, saying the pieces were unlawfully taken from an occupied territory. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. (The Art Newspaper)

There’s a new gallery scene in Atlanta—in people’s private homes. (Arts ATL)

Hurry up and check out “Invisible Men: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem,” up at the Art Institute of Chicago for another ten days. The show looks at how two mid-century African-American artists who were transplants to the North experienced and were influenced by the section of New York City that self-identified as a black utopia. (Hyperallergic)

Canada, the Oberlin College of countries, has removed an artist’s statement from the installation Persian Ceiling by Dale Chihuly at the Royal Ontario Museum. In the statement, Chihuly said he gave the piece its name because he liked the word “Persian,” and it reminded him of the “Near-Eastern, Byzantine, Far East, Venice…all the trades, smells, sense.” The ROM said the statement didn’t “reflect” the institution’s “voice.” (Toronto Star)

The Trump Statues Were Made By Anarchists, Original Winnie the Pooh Restored…& More