These Are the Five Fastest Ways to Get Beautiful

The city's easiest appointments are under an hour

Get gorgeous in under an hour.

Get gorgeous in under an hour. (Photo: Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images)

With the end of summer on the horizon, calendars are beginning to fill up with birthday parties and housewarming fêtes. Everyone is looking for an excuse to consume cocktails and celebrate being back in the city after a long summer in the Hamptons. If you always find yourself racing around after a long day with last month’s nail art and a frizzy mess on your head, these timesavers might just save your life–and your look. They guarantee you won’t leave the house with wet hair and unpainted nails, and that you’ll still arrive (somewhat) on time. Before winter arrives, treat yourself to these five experiences to relax, regroup and look better than ever.


When you’re traveling, you don’t have your usual hair and makeup glam squad at your command. New app NOMI wants to combat that, introducing on-demand beauty services at high-end hotels. It’s already live at The Quin, the Refinery Hotel, and WestHouse Hotel New York and is in the process of expanding. Whether you need a blow-out at an obscenely early hour or don’t feel like leaving your hotel, you can book by app or through concierge.  

Zeel offers same day massages on-demand, by app.

Zeel offers same day massages on-demand, by app. (Photo: Courtesy Zeel)


If you don’t appreciate manicures or blow outs but still want to treat yourself, Zeel offers on-demand massages. It’s like Seamless, only instead of Chinese food you can order a masseuse directly to your home or hotel in the city or the Hamptons. Don’t worry, it’s not a creepy Craigslist ad come to life. They guarantee their massage therapists are licensed and they’re vetted in person by the team.

Julien Farel

Julien Farel is a full-service salon, but their De-Frizz Quick Treatment takes only 45 minutes and promises to give you sleek hair before summer ends. The ultra fast de-frizzing isn’t the only quickie on the menu. Their “Power Hour” allows clients to receive three simultaneous services in an hour. The services can be mixed and matched, but blow outs, manicures, pedicures and facials are all options.

Skin Laundry uses a laser to deep clean and give a full facial in 15 minutes.

Skin Laundry uses a laser to deep clean and give a full facial in 15 minutes. (Photo: Skin Laundry)

Skin Laundry

If your skin is acting up and you only have your lunch break to fix it, Skin Laundry will zap it into submission–especially if you can’t fit in a visit to your dermatologist. The entire process takes about 15 minutes and uses a laser to get rid of any trouble spots before a big event. If you work near one of their locations, it’s the perfect way to get fresh, glowing, Instagram-ready skin pre-party.


MB45 is a brand new beauty concept, giving busy New Yorkers two appointments in one. If you’ve ever wished you had time for both a hair and nails appointment and had to choose the most necessary one, MB45 wants to save your social life with simultaneous blowouts and manicures. Fernanda Lacerda and Manuela Giannini, the owners of Soho’s model hub Maria Bonita Salon & Spa, created this new 45 minute salon set to open at 93 Worth Street in Tribeca.

These Are the Five Fastest Ways to Get Beautiful