This $375 Cocktail Is Fit for a King

The recipe calls for a $699 bottle of NOLET'S Reserve gin

Le Roi

Le Roi (Photo courtesy of Nolet Gin).

If the St. Regis Hotel’s new Table 55, and its $2,500 minimum spend, wasn’t luxe enough for you, then try this one on for size. The latest addition to uptown excess comes courtesy of NOLET Gin. The spirit brand, based out of Schiedam, Holland, has teamed up with The Baccarat Hotel’s lead bartender, Emily Collins, to devise Le Roi (French for “The King”).

It is, indeed, fit for royalty. The $375 cocktail, presented sans garnish in a numbered Baccarat crystal coupe glass, is made using a variety of coveted ingredients, including Lillet Rosé and 1 oz. of of cognac-vodka hybrid Grey Goose VX, which fetches $90 per bottle. Yet it plays second fiddle to the 2 oz. of NOLET’S Reserve called for in the recipe. Just one bottle of the rare gin will set you back $699, but you might be hard pressed to find one. The brand’s 10th generation distillery owner, Carols Nolet Sr., releases an indeterminate handful bottles every year.

Nolet Reserve Gin

Nolet Reserve Gin (Photo courtesy of Nolet Gin).

This $375 Cocktail Is Fit for a King