We Guarantee Less Awkward Dates at These Three Spots

Guarantee is a loose term, but these chic spots certainly improve app dating

Jia Lounge.

Jia Lounge in the Lower East Side is guaranteed to impress a chic date. (Photo: Courtesy Jia Lounge)

No one wants to go on a string of endless first dates in the summer, when you could be sucking down cocktails on a rooftop with people you actually like. Still, before cuffing season arrives, you have to land someone to get you through the winter, and summer provides ample opportunities to date, whether it’s by app or with someone you met in real life. Unlike winter, daters don’t want to cram into the nearest bar to chat over overcrowded cocktails. If you’re dreading dating and can’t stand the thought of a sit-down dinner or being stuck on a boat with a stranger, these locales will make you eager to meet someone—because at least you’ll have a story and some photos to relay.

 When you want somewhere you don’t have to talk…

Rooftop Cinema Club Yotel.

Rooftop Cinema Club Yotel. (Photo: Courtesy Rooftop Cinema Club)

Nothing’s quite as bad as awkward silence on a first date (except for someone rambling on about something you don’t care about, of course). If you’re not quite sure whether you’re going to mesh with your potential paramour, try an outdoor movie. No need to go sit in the park—although you could tote a picnic basket with you, wine included. Instead, try the Rooftop Cinema Club, with viewings in Bushwick and at the Yotel. They regularly show throwback movies throughout the week and weekend, so you can casually chat during the showing since it’s likely you’ve already seen American Psycho and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But if the date does get weird and rapidly disintegrates into madness, simply try one of their cocktails if you’re in the city. If you’re catching a flick in Brooklyn, we recommend planning ahead and bringing your own bottle.

When you want to impress your date…

Jia Lounge.

Jia Lounge. (Photo: Grossman Pictures)

Jia Lounge is a brand new hot spot in the Lower East Side that’s ridiculously chic and almost impossible to find. If you’re looking to impress someone who always wears the chicest designers, listens to bands you’ve never heard of and is wildly intimidating, this is the place to show them you’re cool. It is a bit loud, making it difficult to have a serious conversation, but the ’70s vibe and music make it worthwhile. Just make sure to know someone at the door—otherwise you’ll be lurking outside of a red, unmarked building in the Lower East Side, and your date definitely won’t be impressed. Once inside, it looks like an updated grandmother’s living room in the best possible way with fashion girls sipping on vodka, instead of grannies sucking on Werther’s. Since it opens at 11 p.m., it’s not the place to grab casual after-work cocktails—but if you’re out for the evening and feel like getting a date out of the way, head to the lounge.

When you want somewhere you can actually talk…

Pera Soho.

Pera Soho. (Photo: Courtesy Pera Soho)

Pera Soho isn’t the hippest restaurant or bar, but it has a solid cocktail menu and enough space that you’re not on top of your neighbors. Nothing is more cringeworthy than everyone knowing you’re on an awkward first date, but here you can spread out in a large courtyard full of families, singles and romantic couples. Order a few cocktails outside, grab apps (appetizers, don’t start swiping) if you’re so inclined, and know you’re close enough to most other Soho destinations to make a fast escape.

We Guarantee Less Awkward Dates at These Three Spots