You’ll Want Everything in the Team USA Swag Bag

Even if you're just watching from home

Nike's swag bag.

Nike’s swag bag. (Photo: Nike)

Even if you’ve spent the majority of the Olympics watching from the comfort of your couch, there’s something about seeing all those sparkly leotards that makes even the least athletically-inclined folks consider getting ready for the gym. And now, you, too, can pretend you were at the Olympics, just like Ryan Lochte pretended he fought off a gang off robbers. Because even the athletes who didn’t win went home with Olympic swag bags.

The ladies who participated in the Olympic games received an athlete duffel bag stuffed with Nike outfits and accessories. There were sports bras, workout leggings, t-shirts, tanks, warmup jackets, footie socks, water bottles and sandals for the pool-ready. While that sounds like what you might stuff into your work bag when you’re going to the gym, some was a bit more travel based, including a passport cover and branded duffel bag. It’s the ultimate athleisure experience.

For the gentlemen, they received much of the same, with watches, water bottles and even underpants added in. If you’re jealous not only of the Olympian’s athletic prowess, but of their goodies, it’s all available online. Perhaps it will motivate you to finally use that gym membership? Or you’ll become the next Simone Biles.

You’ll Want Everything in the Team USA Swag Bag