Christopher Kane Is Trying to Make Crocs a Thing

The designer included the shoes in his LFW runway show

Crocs on the Christopher Kane runway

Crocs on the Christopher Kane runway Photo: Getty Images

If you thought mom jeans were bad, please brace yourself for this news: Christopher Kane has put Crocs on his London runway.

Yes, the rubber footwear with ventilation holes (which really should be relegated to gardening, only) made a London Fashion Week appearance. This is a brand whose Twitter description includes the sentence: “Crocs believes fun is everywhere, if you look for it.” Apparently, Kane has discovered the fun.

A lurex dress and Crocs

A lurex dress and Crocs Photo: Getty Images

Created in collaboration with Crocs, the shoes were reimagined in a marbled effect; blingy crystals and rocks protruded from the top holes, contributing a glimmer of glamour to the homely style. To be exact, the stones were Sodalite, Red Leopard, Malachite, Diaspro and Zebra Jasper, and they were also strung into necklaces and used in the place of buttons throughout the clothing range.

Would you wear fashion Crocs?

Would you wear fashion Crocs? Photo: Getty Images

The shoes accompanied Kane’s 10th anniversary collection. The inspiration for the range included “an element of autobiography” and the World War II pamphlet titled “Make-Do and Mend,” which offered British women advice on staying stylish through wartime conditions. This combination resulted in fabrics culled from Kane’s archives, “Road Kill” furs, lots of lurex and also a brilliant use of cutouts that alluded to pulling a curtain aside to peer at the past.

Sheer cutouts...and Crocs

Sheer cutouts…and Crocs Photo: Getty Images

Only time will tell whether this designer Croc will become the next big thing. We can understand that the rubber slide is far more comfortable than a strappy, teetering stiletto, but somehow, it just doesn’t capture the same sartorial essence that proper footwear does.

Christopher Kane Is Trying to Make Crocs a Thing