Foye on the Bridgegate Stand: The Whole Thing Was ‘Wildsteingate’

NEWARK – In the ongoing Bridgegate trial this morning, Port Authority Director Patrick Foye revealed the depth of his misgivings and worries about former Gov. Chris Christie Port ally David Wildstein.

When defense attorney Michael Critchley questioned Foye, he asked why the director and his chief of staff John Ma decided to do an internal investigation after the lane closures. Critchley implied it was so Foye could tell the press it was under review in order to avoid comment. The review began right after an Oct. 1st Wall Street Journal inquiry about whether the traffic study was real, in light of Foye’s furious Set. 13th email reversing the decision.

Critchley also asked Foye why he didn’t interview David Wildstein during his review, especially if he believed as early as Sept. 13th that Wildstein was behind the lane closures. When Critchley asked if Foye was superior to Wildstein and could have him fired, Foye said “it’s complicated” in terms of practically getting rid of Wildstein.

He also said that since Wildstein was so “abusive and untrustworthy” he had “no reason to believe he would tell the truth” if interviewed. Critchley asked Foye if Governor Chris Christie protected Wildstein, and Foye answered yes.

Also, Foye said he had heard rumors later in 2013 that Christie wanted him fired but he wasn’t sure where he heard those rumors. After Wildstein left the Port Authority in 2013, Foye had photographs put up in all Port Authority facilities to make sure he couldn’t get in because he was so nervous about him. He said there had been suspicion shortly before Wildstein left that he was tapping Port Authority phones because of a piece of equipment he had on his desk usually reserved for administrative assistants who handle call transfers. The phone tapping was never investigated.

Foye confirmed that he had referred to the whole thing as “Wildsteingate” and that he had approached Port Deputy Bill Baroni with concerns that Wildstein had been abusive to many Port Authority staff members and was widely hated.

Foye on the Bridgegate Stand: The Whole Thing Was ‘Wildsteingate’