Matsikoudis Tees Off on Fulop in Jersey City


Matsikoudis Max Pizarro for Observer

Speculation is rampant in Hudson County about Jersey City Mayor’s intentions vis a vis local office.

The mayor’s up for reelection next year.

Now that he’s out as a gubernatorial contender, will he run again?

Bill Matsikoudis, former corporation counsel for the Jerry Healy Administration, has a big toe dipped in the 2017 mayor’s race.

“Steve Fulop’s unethical conduct is catching up to him and today is the first step downward of his political descent,” Matsikoudis said. “Many of us saw the signs of his flawed character long ago and now New Jersey and Jersey City will see it in full focus as more facts come out.”

Matsikoudis Tees Off on Fulop in Jersey City