Mowers: Sokolich was a Four on a Scale of One to Ten

Matt Mowers

Matt Mowers The Observer

NEWARK – Matt Mowers, who worked for Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign and went on to head up his New Hampshire ground game when Christie ran for president, testified today in the Bridgegate Trial.

Mowers said he reported to Christie Deputy Chief of staff Bridget Kelly, who’s on trial. She knew about the endorsement initiative of Fort Lee Mark Sokolich and other Democrats when they worked together at the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA), Mowers said. After Sokolich said he wouldn’t endorse Christie in March of 2013, Mowers let everyone know.

On Sept. 9th at 1:56 p.m., Kelly emailed Mowers seemingly randomly, he said, to ask if he had “heard from Sokolich” in a while and he replied right away that he had not. At the time he was on the Christie for Governor Campaign and she was in the governor’s office.

Also, as part of their endorsement initiative, IGA kept a google document that identified potential targets, gave them a rating from 1 to 10 on how likely it seemed they would be to endorse, and catalogued all the things the governor’s office had done for them  (sports tickets, Drumthwacket invitations, etc) so they “could always remind them of how helpful” Christie was to them. Mowers spearheaded that list and reported it all to Kelly. She regularly asked for updates and in one May 24th email asked to make sure it was current, “especially in light of the current state of affairs in some of these locations.”

Sokolich was given a four on a scale of 1 to ten.

Mowers: Sokolich was a Four on a Scale of One to Ten