Mullen Urges Sweeney to Get Into The NJ Governor’s Race

The NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council today called upon State Senate President Stephen Sweeney to seriously consider and formally announce his candidacy for the Governorship of New Jersey.

“Senate President Sweeney has consistently demonstrated his value to the people of New Jersey by guiding his party and the Senate in a judicious and reasoned manner, and by taking a leadership role in aggressively attacking the issues that confront our state,” said William T. Mullen, President of the Building Trades Council. “His bipartisan approach to governing is desperately needed to assure a consistently sound and equitable means of resolving our state’s complex problems while minimizing the often corrupting influence of special interests.  He is ideally suited to lift New Jersey out of the partisan morass that afflicts governing bodies across the nation.”

Mullen said that Sweeney, who is a member of Camden Ironworkers Local #399 and a vice president of the Ironworkers International Union, has a special affinity for working men and women and for making New Jersey more “business friendly” for their employers.

Sweeney has led initiatives in the State Legislature to increase the minimum wage and strengthen prevailing wage protections, to develop stable revenue sources for the Transportation Trust Fund, to provide adequate funding for higher education construction projects, to establish paid family leave in New Jersey, to resolve our state’s budget deficit crisis, and to provide tax and other incentives for businesses to locate here.    “In short, Senate President Sweeney has been deeply involved with issues that affect the daily lives of our members and all New Jersey families,” Mullen continued.

“He has demonstrated the attributes required for the type of strong executive leadership needed to create private sector jobs and boost economic growth in our state.

“The NJ State Building & Construction Trades Council, comprised of 15 international building trades unions, 13 county councils and some 150,000 members in New Jersey, proudly asserts its endorsement of Senate President Stephen Sweeney and urges him to immediately announce his candidacy for Governor.  New Jersey needs his leadership now!”

Mullen Urges Sweeney to Get Into The NJ Governor’s Race