NJ Legislative Preview: September 15

An override effort is coming in the New Jersey State Assembly.

An override effort is coming in the New Jersey State Assembly. Wikimedia

Tomorrow is a session day at the New Jersey State House, and Democratic lawmakers in the state’s lower house will be moving to override Republican Governor Chris Christie on a bill to offer automatic voter registration with the renewal of residents’ driver’s licenses.

Christie conditionally vetoed the measure earlier this month, asking that the bill be amended to establish MVC voter registration as an opt-in rather than automatic process. In his CV, the governor wrote that the bill “should be called ‘The Voter Fraud Enhancement and Permission Act.’”

The State Assembly has never successfully mounted an override of the governor, though the Senate voted to override Christie on a firearms bill last year.

In the Senate, a fellow Republican will be challenging Christie’s preferred tactic for combatting lead in public facilities’ drinking water. Though Christie has proposed $10 million, Senator Kip Bateman’s bill to double that amount will be going to a vote in its second reading.

Bills to introduce civil forfeiture reporting requirements and offer student loan forgiveness for cosigners will also go to the floor. Police departments in the state currently have no mandate to report cash and possessions they permanently seize from suspects before trial, and parental cosigners currently have to pay off their childrens’ state student loans even after their death.

See more about those bills below. Listen to live audio during both sessions here.

Assembly Session 1:00PM, Assembly Chambers

A1944 – “Automatically registers or updates voter registration as part of driver’s license application or renewal.” – Sponsors include Craig Coughlin, Gary Schaer, Tim Eustace, Joann Downey and Daniel Benson.

Senate Session – 2:00PM, Senate Chambers

S2062 – “Appropriates up to $20 million from societal benefits charge to DEP for remediation of lead contamination in drinking water in public buildings.” – Sponsored by Kip Bateman, co-sponsored by Linda Greenstein.

S2267 – “Establishes asset forfeiture reporting requirements.” – Sponsored by Patrick Diegnan and Linda Greenstein.

S743 – “Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of the borrower’s death.” –  Sponsored by James Beach, Paul Sarlo and Teresa Ruiz.

NJ Legislative Preview: September 15