NYFW Preview: Inspiration From Sachin + Babi, ADEAM and Kaelen

Take a look at what will be on the runway today

New York designers share the inspiration behind their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Check back each morning of Fashion Week for an up-to-date sneak peek…

Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Alejandra Alonso Rojas Photo: Courtesy Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Alejandra Alonso Rojas: “Sophisticated, creative and trailblazing women.” 

ADEAM, Spring Summer 2017.

ADEAM (Photo: Courtesy ADEAM)

ADEAM, Hanako Maeda: “I was inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy, ‘Shodo.'” 

Claudia Li

Claudia Li (Photo: Courtesy Claudia Li)

Claudia Li: “After dusk, before dawn.”

M. Martin

M. Martin (Photo: Courtesy M. Martin)

M. Martin: “Slim Keith.”


Shoshanna (Photo: Courtesy Shoshanna).

Shoshanna: “An ode to glowing Grecian coastlines and the magical light you see from sunrise to sunset.”

Arias New York

Arias New York (Photo: Courtesy Arias New York).

Arias New York: “Contemporary art is a strong influence for the brand. The SS17 collection is inspired by Josef Albers’ artwork exploring color interactions and strong lines.”

Lie Sangbong

Lie Sangbong (Photo: Courtesy Lie Sangbong

Lie Sangbong: “Chaekgado, the highly graphic, colorful, and geometric, still-life paintings of intellectuals’ studies.” 

Kaelen, Spring Summer 2017.

Kaelen (Photo: Courtesy Kaelen)

Kaelen: “This season was about heritage. Fabrics and textures that felt nostalgic but timeless. Classic florals, stripes and prints that have a subverted familiarity. I was thinking about family, the way clothing evolves over time and the idea of passing something on.”

Valentina Kova

Valentina Kova (Photo: Valentina Kova, Courtesy Felix Wong)

Valentina Kova: “Immersion into the sights, sounds, and touches of the ocean.”

Sachin + Babi

Sachin + Babi (Photo: Courtesy Sachin + Babi)

Sachin + Babi: “Our Spring 2017 collection started with deep exploration of ballet dancers in diverse poses. From there, we were fascinated by the intricate details of each pose and the idea of grace in movement. Each detail in the collection is developed to gleam while in motion.” NYFW Preview: Inspiration From Sachin + Babi, ADEAM and Kaelen