Smith & Cult Goes Beyond Nail Polish to Launch Eye Makeup

And they’re for sale NOW

Smith & Cult does eyes

Smith & Cult does eyes (Photo: Courtesy Smith & Cult).

Ever since her Hard Candy days (the brand she *casually* founded as a senior pre-med student in her college apartment), Dineh Mohajer has had an enviable grasp on the zeitgeist. Remember those late-90s nail polish bottles with the covetable rings attached? That was Mohajer. Clearly she’s gifted with knowing what girls want.

And from day one of its inception in September 2014, Mohajer’s second venture into the nail polish space, Smith & Cult, has been it. The brand’s guiding concept is a balance of perfection and imperfection, a reflection of Mohajer, and her partner, Jeanne Chavez’s philosophy on beauty. The signature dented caps on their uber-chic 8-free nail polish formulas are practically collectibles.

Book of Eyes Eye Quad in Plum

Book of Eyes Eye Quad in Plum (Photo: Courtesy Smith & Cult).

Now, barely two years later, the duo is venturing into eye makeup. With that same signature touch of cool, S&C’s four eye palettes (Book of Eyes Eye Quad), three eyeliners, and mascara hit stores today. The quads ($44), come in four varieties—nude neutrals, plums, a golden bronze, and smokey, a quad including navy and green. The four shadows are placed on a slant, in a dented-to-perfection compact case, and while of course this ranks second to the creamy texture of powder shadows, it’s a simple touch that escalates the palettes to must-have status.

The B-Line Eye Pens

The B-Line Eye Pens (Photo: Courtesy Smith & Cult).

The B-line Eye Pen, a liquid liner, ($26) is amongst the easiest out there to use (and I’ve tried countless formulas), thanks to its precise felt-tip. The must-try color is easily Still Riot, a simultaneously impactful and subtle charcoal, but the pen comes in black, and a very deep brown as well. The formula layers smoothly right over your fully done eye, making it easy to create a multi-dimensional look with just two products.

Lash Dance Mascara ($28), features a silicone brush that works wonders at creating voluminous and dark, long, black lashes.

The Tainted Lip Stained Flatte in Mad Heat

The Tainted Lip Stained Flatte in Mad Heat (Photo: Courtesy Smith & Cult).

While the eyes are clearly the stars of the show, I’d be remiss not to mention two matte lip stains, The Tainted Lip Stained Flatte, in the only two colors you’ll need—Kissing Tiny Flowers, a classic your lips, but better nude, and Mad Heat, a burnt crimson hue. Your fall makeup wardrobe is now complete.

Smith & Cult Goes Beyond Nail Polish to Launch Eye Makeup