What Exactly Makes This Cigar Box Worth $1 Million?

The cigar box fit for a millionaire.

The cigar box fit for a millionaire. Imperiali Geneve

How much would you pay for the world’s most luxurious cigar chest?

The Emperador will set you back $1 million. What it offers though, might just be worth the price. With this 27-inch chest, Imperiali Geneve, who make luxurious, super-versions of everyday objects, have created a unique humidifying regulation system crucial for top-quality cigar storage. By turning ambient water into air, this system is the first to guarantee perfect temperature and humidity regardless of environmental factors. Regulated by sense and touch, extras include a smart cigar cutter that clamps with infinite precision and a tourbillon watch—the largest, in fact, to be hand produced by Fabrice Thuler of Swiss Finest SA.

The craftsmanship though, really drives this piece home as a splendid gift for the man with everything or even a self-reward for sheer, hard graft. The chest—made of 2,600 parts—took 100 craftsmen 18,000 hours of work to make. The company only manufactures 12 annually to ensure each is crafted to perfection.

What’s more, it contains 24 gold leaf-rolled, fine Grand Cru cigars of a tobacco blend from South Honduras and North Nicaragua, each protected in its own glass tube.

What Exactly Makes This Cigar Box Worth $1 Million?