Afternoon Bulletin: Fatal Fire Investigated, Selfies at the Ballot and More

A man marks his ballot in a voting booth in Manchester, New Hampshire.
A man marks his ballot in a voting booth in Manchester, New Hampshire. Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

A man who secretly filmed his roommate having sex with another man while attending Rutgers University pleaded guilty to charges of invading privacy in a New Jersey courtroom on Thursday. Dharun Ravi, whose roommate Tyler Clementi killed himself after Ravi encouraged others to watch the video online, will not serve additional jail time. In 2012 Ravi convicted of bias intimidation in a case that caused international uproar over the bullying of gay teenagers, but last month the appeals court overturned the decision because of recent changes in state law. (New York Times

A man who was nearly crushed to death when he fell between a moving subway platform was awarded $10 million from Manhattan jury Thursday morning. Michael Dion was struck 167 times when he fell between a moveable platform and a No. 4 train at Union Square in 2010, suffering extensive injuries requiring surgery and the removal of part of his intestines. Witnesses said Dion was wearing headphones, carrying a beer can and stumbling just before the fall, though Dion denied he was drunk. Officials have since installed a stop switch for the platform. (New York Post)

A deadly fire that ripped through an Upper East Side apartment early Thursday morning is under investigation, authorities said. The 3:30 a.m. blaze at 324 East 93rd Street in Yorkville left one person dead and more than a dozen injured is being reviewed by the FDNY. The fire, which spread quickly through an open door, brought more than 250 firefighters from more than 50 units. Meanwhile, a firefighter who rappelled down the burning building to save an elderly man is being praised for his bravery. (NY1)

You (may not have) wanted it, so they delivered. An Astoria bar will let you recreate your ultimate “Simpsons” fantasy by turning itself into Moe’s Tavern for Halloween. William Hallet will redecorate as Springfield’s favorite watering hole, complete with Duff beer and “Flaming Moes”, a cocktail – you guessed it – literally on fire. So get your Marge wig, practice your favorite lines, and be prepared to hear that signature phrase – “D’oh!” (DNAinfo)

As we roll toward the apocalypse elections, some concerned citizens are challenging New York law to demand their right…to snap selfies in the polling box. Three plaintiffs claim that the constitution allows them to post the ballot on social media, an act of civic duty that can land you in jail for a year and a $1,000 fine.”Taking a photograph of a filled out ballot is a powerful political statement that demonstrates the importance of voting. Without the photograph, the message loses its power,” the lawsuit states. Expect to hear refreshed claims that the whole thing is rigged. (New York Daily News) Afternoon Bulletin: Fatal Fire Investigated, Selfies at the Ballot and More