How to Turn Your Wardrobe Into the Iconic ‘Clueless’ Closet

Using Cher Horowitz's dream app, Glamoutfit.

The original Glamoutfit.
The original Glamoutfit. Clueless

In the seminal teen classic Clueless, protagonist Cher Horowitz is the proud owner of an automated closet, where she uses her enormous computer to choose outfits and accessories. The computer program she uses even announces when it’s a mis-match and allows her to scroll through every top and bottom she owns. After seeing the closet in action, everyone dreamed of the day they would be able to choose an outfit from afar. Now Glamoutfit, a closet organizer and styling app, wants to give ’90s rom-com fans the hyper-organized wardrobe of their wildest dreams. Their styling app allows users to upload specific items in their closet to keep track of their purchases, or to allow other people the opportunity to style their clothes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t also come with a handsome former step-brother.

Hanh Nguyen, a software engineer, grew up watching Clueless. Nguyen always wanted to have Cher’s program, so she created it. “The easiest way to build your closet is to use ‘add using web,'” Ngyuen told the Observer, explaining that particular button allows users to search for their specific outfit items in a Google image search. Then, you can add your favorite skinny jeans and Chanel bag, simply by pressing and holding the image to add it to your closet. Nguyen said the second easiest way to add clothes is by photographing your own collection and adding multiple photos at once.

Cher Horowitz perusing her closet options.
Cher Horowitz perusing her closet options. Clueless

Formerly titled Stuff ‘N Style, Glamoutfit is in some ways similar to Pinterest, only more useful. The app syncs with Facebook and can connect with Instagram and Pinterest to connect with friends. Glamoutfit can be used online as well, and your outfits can be planned ahead for specific dates. Think of how much easier life would be if you no longer had to text all of your friends to make sure you weren’t wearing the same ensemble. Instead, you could simply check your app for details, and plan accordingly.

For those who struggle with how to pair certain items, other users can offer style advice. App users can upload a few options and explain where they’re going, and others will weigh in on how to style them. Now that would truly be Cher’s dream closet—after all, she certainly had a penchant for influencing the lives of others. How to Turn Your Wardrobe Into the Iconic ‘Clueless’ Closet