Lo Bosworth’s Latest Venture: Taking Care Of Your Vagina

Bosworth was inspired by a prescription for boric acid to treat a yeast infection to start her new line of products.

Lo Bosworth has a new venture.

Lo Bosworth has developed products for every vaginal need. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung

When you think of endeavors the young and wealthy might take on, perhaps you think Lip Kits, socks, an athleisure line, or of course (!) a fragrance. No one could blame you if your last guess was a line of vaginal care products—one that (you guessed it!) intends to disrupt the existing vaginal care industry. This is not your drugstore Monistat.

Lo Bosworth, however, (formerly of The Hills fame, and most recently, the unsurprising creator of a lifestyle site, The Lo Down) would like to change that.

Enter: Love Wellness Co. a line of chicly packaged supplements and other vagina supplies intended to look perfectly in place lined up with your serums and fancy face creams. In fact, among the offerings is a pH balancing moisturizer ($18, but currently available for pre-order) especially for your V.

The Love Wellness Co. moisturizer is currently sold out.

The Love Wellness Co. moisturizer is currently sold out. Photo: Courtesy of Love Wellness Co.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and Bosworth will be the first to admit that she herself was desperate for solutions. Of her yeast-infection-buster, The Killer, she explains that she had turned to natural solutions after traditional treatment routes had failed her. Not only did she find them ineffective, but, Bosworth notes, these products can contain “countless chemicals that not only exacerbate issues the products are claiming to fix, but in general can be detrimental to health. Natural products are gentle on the skin and the system.”

When an OB/GYN prescribed boric acid to Bosworth, to treat an infection, she was inspired to start this new company. “Boric acid comes from a mineral and is readily available, but it’s difficult for practitioners to prescribe because it must be compounded at a pharmacy,” she explained. Once Bosworth tried it, however, it worked. Doctors are divided on the ingredient, which was indeed once prescribed frequently, but only prior to the time when modern solutions came about. While some say it can be potentially irritating, others say it is a viable method for women whose infections are recurring.

"The Killer" features boric acid (trust Lo -- an OB/GYN once prescribed it to her).

“The Killer” features boric acid (trust Lo — an OB/GYN once prescribed it to her). Photo: Courtesy Love Wellness Co.

And thus, her a-ha moment: make it easier to skip the compounding pharmacy and provide boric acid suppositories over the counter or online. “Knowing that I could pass this first hurdle was enough to develop an entire collection of wellness products to help women maintain health.” And so, Love Wellness Co., (a line that unquestionably reaches beyond the realm of medical necessity) was born.

Frankly, the intention is not to dismiss Bosworth’s overall mission, which is one of destigmatizing vaginal health. “Taking your health into your own hands is something to celebrate and we wanted that to translate into chic, subtle packaging that feels more like a cosmetic than a vitamin or wash,” Bosworth says—and she’s right. While you might not need a vaginal moisturizer or “blue tea,” a $24 powder filled described as 70 percent vegetable protein with over 65 vitamins, when it comes to eliminating the stigma around a body part more than half of the population has, we say brava, Lo.

The cosmetic case is called "Pia the Pussy," intended to be an ice-breaker meant to destigmatize vaginal talk.

Put your new pussy products in the cosmetic case is called “Pia the Pussy,” intended to be an ice-breaker meant to destigmatize vaginal talk. Photo: Courtesy Love Wellness Co.

Compounding those efforts is Pia the Pussy—yes, really, a $49 cosmetic case who serves as the brand’s mascot. “For a lot of women, this subject matter can be embarrassing. Pia exists as an ice-breaker, to make what we’re doing something that’s fun to talk about.”

If you’re on board, ready to up your own vaginal care regimen and want to do it Love Wellness Co. style, Bosworth notes that the line can cater to everyone. “Vaginal care day-to-day is unique to each person based on their health and doctor’s recommendations,” she notes. “If focusing on gut health is up your alley, choose probiotics and vitamins. If you’re in great health, considering switching from a traditional bar of soap to a natural, pH balanced cleanser for external hygiene. We think we have products in our line that speaks to each individual in its own way.” Okay, now it’s time to go fill up your own Pia the Pussy. Lo Bosworth’s Latest Venture: Taking Care Of Your Vagina