Martin Shkreli’s Pro-Trump Art Show in Brooklyn Called Off

The show featured work from a nightmare trio of alt-right figures but was mercifully cancelled

Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo Yiannopoulos. Photo: Instagram/milo.yiannopoulos

The Triumvirate of Doom—what I like to call Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes and Martin Shkreli—was supposed to show their artwork (lol) at Pierogi Gallery’s Brooklyn outpost, The Boiler, this weekend.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Milo, as he is called, was a gleeful participant in the racist Twitter campaign against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones, while McInnes has said that “women would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital” than work. Shkreli is basically a bot that generates hate content.

Gay conservative artist Lucian Wintrich was behind the planned exhibit at Pierogi, which was set to be called #DaddyWillSaveUs, as Fox News reported. Fox says the show’s title is a reference to the gay conservative practice of referring to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as “Daddy.” (I can’t even begin to unpack that one, but I am excited for a deep dive into gay conservo twitter later.)

But the show is off, now. Wintrich says this is due to anti-Trump pressure from the art world, while the gallery says it’s because Wintrich’s insurance paperwork never came through. Pierogi co-owner Joe Amrhein also told Fox that the show “is not something that we would have shown as part of the gallery program and [we] did not intend to support it.”

Wintrich, whose previous foray into fine art was a photo series called “Twinks4Trump,” is mulling legal action, he told Fox.

He’d planned to donate some proceeds from an auction during the exhibition to a non-profit for gay military families, but was refused.

Update: The show was revived and took place on October 8 in Chelsea at Wallplay.

Martin Shkreli’s Pro-Trump Art Show in Brooklyn Called Off