Provenzano Ensnares Endorsement of Franklin Twp. Police Chief


With one eye on a national GOP meltdown amid the circular firing squad optics of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano today rolled out endorsements from key organizations and leaders countywide praising his record and backing his re-election.

The Somerset County Association of Chiefs of Police, Somerset County Sheriff’s Superior Officers FOP Lodge #89, Franklin Township Police Chief Larry Roberts, Retired Franklin Township Police Chief Daniel Livak, North Plainfield Police Chief William Parenti, Former President of the NJ Association of County Chiefs of Detectives William Schievella, Retired Hillsborough Police Chief Paul Kaminsky, Retired Bridgewater Police Chief Manuel Caravela and Former South Bound Brook Police Chief Ron Henry all threw their support behind Sheriff Provenzano.

“Your (33) thirty-three years of prior law enforcement experience with the Bridgewater Police Department in addition to the past 15 years as Sheriff with the pro-active trail blazing initiatives that you have instituted, have served the citizens of Somerset County with distinction,” said North Plainfield Police Chief William Parenti, who is currently serving as President of the Somerset County Association of Police Chiefs.  The group represents the endorsement of more than 80 current and former Chiefs of Police representing every town in the county, as well as the Prosecutor’s Office.

“We appreciate your 15 years of dedication and support with in the office as well as for the residents and workers of Somerset County. We recognize your achievements as starting a multitude of projects for citizens within Somerset County. It is an honor and privilege to support you and wish you luck in the upcoming election,” said Mark Szczecina, President of FOP Lodge #89.

“Frank Provenzano exemplifies the very best of law enforcement and I am proud to endorse him for another term as Somerset County Sheriff,” said Franklin Township Chief of Police, Lawrence Roberts, who was the superior officer of Provenzano opponent Darrin Russo in Franklin Township.  “Before he was ever elected Sheriff, Frank Provenzano was a police officer in Bridgewater Township for 33 years.  He understands the needs of local police departments and local police officers, and he’s always there for us in Franklin Township.  I look forward to continuing partnering with him as Sheriff and continuing to keep our communities as safe and secure as possible.”

“It’s an honor to have earned the respect, trust and endorsement of both the Somerset County Police Chief’s Association, the Superior Officer’s Association FOP Lodge #89, Franklin Township Chief of Police Larry Roberts and so many others,” said Provenzano.  “When the people who know you best and know the county best offer their support in this way, it really means something special.  The brave men and women who serve under these Chiefs are on the front lines against crime in Somerset County and the County Sheriff’s Office is proud to work with them and assist in their efforts to keep our communities and our counties safe.” Provenzano Ensnares Endorsement of Franklin  Twp. Police Chief