Senator Doherty Laces Into Trump Opponent LG Guadagno

State Senator Mike Doherty (R-Warren) swatted at Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno today following the LG’s announcement that she won’t vote for embattled Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A movement conservative, Doherty was the first Republican elected official to back Trump in this year’s primary.

“Guadagno says nothing for seven years,” Doherty said. “Says nothing about the gas tax increase. Says nothing about Chris Christie running his reelection campaign through the Intergovernmental Affairs Office. She hires [former Christie COS Bill] Stepien, who ran the IGA political office.

“She finally becomes the moral conscience of the NJGOP to kick Trump when he’s down,” the senator added. “Pitiful.”

Following the surfacing of a lewd sex tape, Doherty stood by the billionaire businessman.

“Trump is leading the USA in a new direction on foreign policy,” he said. “He is the only national leader who understands that we should work with all parties, including Russia, to destroy ISIS. Hillary supports a foreign policy that seeks conflict with Russia. The only folks who want that are Washington insiders, the think tanks, and neocons like Michael Chertoff, who happens to be a Guadagno mentor. Trump is standing up for the American people on the border issue, on trade, and on avoiding unnecessary foreign wars, and that is why the insiders, including beltway Republicans, despise him.” Senator Doherty Laces Into Trump Opponent LG Guadagno