This Sports App Helps You Find a Workout Buddy While Traveling

Finally, an app that's not secretly for dating

Perhaps Kate Middleton can be your teammate.

Perhaps Kate Middleton can be your teammate. Danny Lawson-WPA Pool/Getty Images

While dating apps are high-pressure, new apps focused on making friends let people get to know each other without the same stress. Some friend finding apps, like BumbleBFF, can be awkward, because there’s no common ground to start with (much like Tinder). That’s where more curated apps come in, connecting people based on their mutual interests, like skydiving. The new app ATLETO wants athletes to meet up, either for a pickup game or a workout, but not specifically for a romantic encounter.

ATLETO CEO and co-founder Patrick Lundgren told the Observer that the app truly is sports driven, meant to connect people who don’t have anyone to play with. Much like a middle school gym class, it picks a team for you. Said team can be as competitive as you want. Lundgren said the most popular activities so far have been basketball, running and tennis. He’s also seen many people connect in the city over the summer, to paddle board and surf. Now that sounds like a good way to get people together for a quick Hamptons weekend, next summer.

“We are a sports app that connects everyday athletes to do sports, and that is our only focus,” Lundgren explained, disproving the idea that almost every app now should secretly be used for romantic purposes. He suggests using the app in the airport, and hopes to partner with hotels in the future so amateur athletes can meet up on the road. Of course, there’s always the hope that two people will connect as more than teammates, but that’s not what the app is focused on. And if people have no problem joining kickball and dodgeball leagues to mingle and potentially meet, why not connect via app and meet on the field? This Sports App Helps You Find a Workout Buddy While Traveling