This Trump Photoshop Battle Is the Best Thing From the Debate—and Possibly the Election

He made Photoshop great again

This is the image currently winning the battle.
A visual interpretation of what one Redditor thinks Trump would do to the planet as president.
So that explains all the sniffling.
It's captioned "in the Thicke of it."
Eat fresh.
Everyone saw this one coming.
There were many submission along these lines.
We'll just leave this here
The band's back together.
Obligatory tiny hands edit.
John Travolta literally always winds up in these.
How majestic.

PsBattle, the mega popular Reddit community that thrives on making ridiculous Photoshopped versions of regular images, has been living off politics thanks to the crazy that is the 2016 election. Perhaps the best battle occurred a few weeks ago when Redditors challenged each other to edit a photo of Donald Trump embracing his daughter Ivanka, which went exactly how you’d expect.

But we now have a new top-reigning battle thanks to Donald Trump, who had a tendency to pace behind Hillary Clinton and impatiently grab his chair as she spoke during last night’s debate. One popular image of him behind her, holding his chair with his eyes closed and mouth slightly open, has obviously gone viral as the butt of many suggestive jokes.

Here’s the original:

The image that launched a thousand photoshop edits.
The image that launched a thousand photoshop edits.

In the edited version in the slides above, you see Ivanka Trump, Bill Clinton, John Travolta, some Subway sandwiches and, of course, his tiny hands.

He made Photoshop great again.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media.

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