Clinton Machine Post-Election Spin Helps Democrats Avoid Reform

Establishment Democrats responsible for the decline of the party still claim leadership roles

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election, and Democrats’ failure to recoup a majority in both houses of Congress, Clinton partisans are focusing on driving any post-election narrative they can to avoid introspection and discussions of reform to the Democratic Party.

After scoffing at any suggestion of the Democratic primaries being rigged, defending a biased Democratic National Committee (DNC), superdelegates, and closed primaries, Clinton Democrats are now pushing for reform of the electoral college because their candidate won the popular vote. If the push for this reform were serious, and not just partisan theatrics to provide Democrats with an excuse to avoid making any changes post-election, the reforms would have been pushed for at some point during Obama’s administration. Obama won both the electoral college and popular vote in 2008 and 2012, making it politically safe to pursue a non-partisan reform to the electoral college. But a constitutional amendment would need to be enacted to change the electoral college, and the states required to pass an amendment wouldn’t likely give up the influence provided to them by the electoral college. The rhetoric from Clinton partisans regarding the electoral college is nothing more than post-election spin to save face from the embarrassment that was Clinton’s second failed presidential campaign.

“Fake news” has been cited as a reason for Trump’s victory over Clinton. But the same Clinton partisans pushing these complaints fail to acknowledge that mainstream media outlets gave Trump almost $2 billion in free media exposure, severely disproportionate to any other presidential candidate in the primaries. The Clinton campaign developed a strategy early in the primaries to use the mainstream media to elevate Trump as a “pied-piper” candidate because polling showed her losing to moderate establishment Republicans. Now the mainstream media and Clinton campaign are blaming fake news to divert accountability for their roles in making Trump a viable candidate, and now the president-elect.

The Democrats are refusing to learn from their mistakes. The same establishment Democrats responsible for the decline of the party during the past decade are still claiming leadership roles, despite the poor judgment they exercised in rallying around Clinton’s coronation as their presidential nominee. These records should disqualify them from continuing to run the party into the ground. Sen. Charles Schumer was predictably elected Senate Minority Leader. The only challenger who has announced a potential run for the House Minority Leader position against incumbent Nancy Pelosi is a moderate from Ohio who was pro-life on abortion until 2015. And the progressive option for the new DNC chair, Rep. Keith Ellison, already has strings tied between him and dubious Democratic billionaire donor George Soros.

While the Democrats did name Bernie Sanders chairman of outreach for the Democratic Party, this position is more self-serving for Democrats than it is for progressive Sanders supporters. Instead of providing Sanders with a leadership role that includes the power of developing policies, he is being used as a mascot for the Democratic Party to reap the benefits from being associated with the most popular politician in the country. Cries from Clinton partisans that Sandersisn’t even a Democrat” have transmogrified into exploiting his popularity for their personal gain at a time when the Democratic party is desperate for rebranding their image, but still reforming nothing.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media. Clinton Machine Post-Election Spin Helps Democrats Avoid Reform