How to Do No-Fail Cool Girl Hair

These three easy approaches are impossible to get wrong

Tyler McRobert
Once tousled, your tresses will have a loose, sexily haphazard wave. Tyler McRobert/Unsplash

As the days get shorter, how much of your time do you really want to spend making your hair look good every day? Probably about as much as you want to spend when the days are long and sunny: as little as possible.

There are as many ways to have effortlessly gorgeous hair as there are ways to have work-intensive, gorgeous hair. These three easy approaches are impossible to get wrong.

  1. Don’t Blow It: This is the name of Bumble and bumble‘s popular leave-in styler ($30) to aid in beautifully air-drying hair, as well as a great suggestion to help avoid heat damage. After washing and towel-drying hair, simply distribute Don’t Blow It evenly from roots to ends and go about your day. Even curly hair will be frizz-free when air-dried with this product. If your roots are a bit flat, use a volumizer like Sachajuan Volume Powder ($20)—possibly the best-smelling hair product ever—for ample lift.
  1. Rough (Dry and Braid) It: If you’re willing to use just a little heat, it’s even easier to get lovely locks while slacking off. In this case, towel-dry hair and spritz with Ouai Wave Spray ($26) or Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion ($29) for the beach-y effect of sea salt sprays without the dry crunch. Give yourself the briefest of blowouts while scrunching hair with your fingers until hair is half-dry. Braid in sections of varying thickness, avoiding perfect uniformity, and let cool while you eat breakfast or paint your nails. Once tousled, your tresses will have a loose, sexily haphazard wave. Smooth the cuticle with a bit of Drybar The Chaser Shine Cream ($29) if needed. This method works especially well for fine hair that isn’t poker-straight to begin with.
  1. Sleep on It: If you want to extend a professional blow-out or just go an extra day without washing and heat styling again, this overnight routine will do the work while you snooze. Before going to bed, spray dry shampoo like Dry Bar Detox ($23) or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($22) into your roots. Pull hair into a high, loose ponytail with a deeply unfashionable scrunchie (like Scünci Cozy Scrunchies, $4.99), which won’t dent hair the way other elastic holders will. Alternatively, put hair in a bun using bobby pins to secure. In the morning, remove the scrunchie or bobby pins and brush to remove excess dry shampoo, which will have absorbed your overnight oil production. Hair will have volume and lift, and your style will live to see another day.

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