Marotta Responds to LD40 Slate’s Calls for Withdrawal

Said claims are "part of an orchestrated dirty smear campaign"

LD40 is Republican-leaning.

LD40 is Republican-leaning. (Photo: Mr. Matté on Wikipedia)

Michael Marotta is a Wayne Republican leader angling to fill the vacancy in NJ’s 40th legislative dirstict created by Assemblyman Scott Rumana when he became a Passaic County Superior Court judge. On Monday, the already announced 2017 slate of senate candidate Kristin Corrado, assembly candidate Kevin Rooney and assembly candidate Chris DePhillips issued a call for Marotta to withdraw from consideration for the position in light of a donation of the North Jersey Republican PAC–to which Marotta is tied–to Democratic Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-36) in 2015.

Following the publication of the piece detailing the calls for him to step out of the race, Marotta issued to following statement:

“I am now the Chairman of the PAC, but I am not now, nor have I ever been the organization’s Treasurer, nor have I ever been a signatory on group’s checks.

The PAC made a contribution to Gary Schear (sic). It was signed without my knowledge nor approval by Danny DeMarco, the former Chair of the PAC.

It’s worth noting that over the past four years the PAC has supported Republican candidates and party organizations. And I personally have donated thousands of dollars to Republican organizations and candidates. I have also volunteered on their campaigns and helped them raise money.

This “revelation” is part of an orchestrated dirty smear campaign designed to distract from Peter Murphy and the Corrado, Rooney, DePhillips team’s questionable actions. It’s no secret that Peter Murphy is publically supporting Phil Murphy – the Democrat running for governor in our state. Pictures of him and Democrat Freeholder Terry Duffy and Jon Bon Jovi were all over facebook. In fact, the Peter Murphy Totowa Republican Organization has, over the past four years, donated thousands of dollars to Democrat Freeholder Terry Duffy and paid his bar thousands of dollars for “meetings” held at his bar. Murphy has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats. Those records are readily available on NJ ELEC.

Over the past four years as Mayor and Councilman, Kevin Rooney gave $0 to the Bergen County Republican Organization and other Republican candidates. He is the also the author of a letter that falsely claims that he and his team have the support of Senate Republican leader Tom Kean, Jr. and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick.

It seems that Peter Murphy and Kevin Rooney are willing to mislead and outright lie in order to win the race to fill the unexpired Assembly term of Scott Rumana…”

Like Marotta, Rooney is hoping to fill the vacancy. The new Assemblyperson will be chosen on November 22.

Marotta Responds to LD40 Slate’s Calls for Withdrawal