NJ Politics Digest: With Apparent Lack of Irony, Christie Ally Accuses NY of Politics

It’s Tuesday, and the fight over building a new Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City has one New Jersey-appointed official at the agency now famous for Bridgegate accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of politicizing operations there.
In Trenton, Gov. Chris Christie held a cabinet meeting and again vowed to finish his term, as Yahoo News reports it was the governor’s quest for the spotlight that allegedly turned Donald Trump against him.
The state legislature has been busy, send the governor a bill to require quarterly pension payments.Proponents say Christie – who has vetoed similar measures – is now ready to sign the bill. A pair of legislators are proposing reinstating the death penalty and the state Commissioner of Education has ruled that calling someone a “Know It All” doesn’t constitute bullying.

Quote of the Day: “I think it is very unfortunate that Governor Cuomo has apparently decided to try to politicize an agency whose mission is regional transportation,” John Degnan, the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Governor Christie’s top appointee at the agency.

Port Authority bus terminal feud gets personal
A bitter, long-running fight over a new midtown bus terminal has spiraled into a public feud between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and John Degnan, the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
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Pension bill requiring quarterly payments heads to Christie’s desk
Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Monday to send Gov. Chris Christie a bill that will require the state to make quarterly payments to New Jersey’s ailing public worker pension system.
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N.J. lawmakers try again on quarterly pension payments
The state Legislature passed a bill Monday designed to bolster the finances of New Jersey’s public-employee pensions by requiring four quarterly contributions a year, a fiscal maneuver that proponents acknowledged would help but not solve the budding fiscal crisis in the system.
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Christie, Guadagno to meet after Trump talk
Governor Christie met with his lieutenant governor and cabinet members Monday morning in Trenton, but like his meeting with president-elect Donald Trump a day earlier, details of what was discussed were kept behind closed doors.
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Chris Christie, Donald Trump provide no new clues
If there are job offers coming for Gov. Chris Christie and others who have been meeting with President-elect Donald Trump the last several days, it may take a while before Trump’s decisions are made public.
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How Christie lost his spot on the Trump transition team
Something was bothering Donald Trump as he made his victory speech after the election. The newly minted president-elect took the stage with at least 40 of his closest aides and allies, but according to a high-level campaign source familiar with Trump’s thinking, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kept pushing to be near the president-elect and “trying to get in shots.”
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Christie insists he’s not leaving NJ for spot in a Trump administration
Gov. Chris Christie won’t be leaving to serve in a President Donald Trump administration. At least not before he finishes out his term by January 2018.
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In Bridgegate’s wake: questions over campaign work at Statehouse
All were on the public payroll.
High level aides and directors of programs, they were employed in top-paying jobs to carry out the governor’s agenda, and moonlighted—often in the middle of the day—to help him get re-elected, according to court testimony.
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N.J. lawmakers want to reinstate death penalty in ‘extreme’ cases
Two state lawmakers are looking to reverse New Jersey’s landmark ban on the death penalty and restore the punishment for serious crimes.
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NJ Transit bars engineers until apnea is treated
The nation’s second-largest commuter railroad is no longer allowing engineers to operate trains while they are being treated for sleep apnea.
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More NJ Hospitals Merge
A number of forces, not least Obamacare, are prompting hospitals to consolidate. But will some communities lose out in the new healthcare landscape?
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Top NJ school official determines: Calling kid a ‘know it all’ is NOT bullying
The state’s acting education commissioner had to determine whether a seventh grader had been bullied by classmates who called him a “know it all.”
His verdict two years after the incident? It wasn’t.
Read More: Top NJ school official determines: Calling kid a ‘know it all’ is NOT bullying | http://nj1015.com/top-nj-school-official-determines-calling-kid-a-know-it-all-is-not-bullying/?trackback=tsmclip
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Feds Supoena Patterson Records
In their most recent subpoenas, federal investigators have requested city records covering Paterson’s use of millions of dollars of federal funding dating back to 2010, according to local officials.
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Democrats, black voters face tough choices after Trump win
The Chris Christie with a 19 percent favorability rating as New Jersey governor has become a Chris Christie with a new political life, thanks to Donald Trump capturing the presidency.
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Civil Rights Group Settles Lawsuit Against NJ Schools
A civil rights group has settled lawsuits against four New Jersey school districts and a charter school whose enrollment practices it charged make it harder for children of immigrants living in the country unlawfully to enroll.
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Worried about health care costs? This N.J. group is listening
The consumer’s point of view is missing from the debate on health care, according to a group of employers, union and business leaders and the state’s largest insurance company, which announced Monday a plan to seek public input on how to control costs.
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An emotional swearing-in of new Jersey City councilman
When Chris Gadsden graduated from Snyder High School in 1992, he put a one-word blurb beneath his yearbook photo.
Terrence T. McDonald, The Jersey Journal Read more

Menendez: Obama must block Atlantic oil drilling to protect the Jersey Shore
The Jersey Shore is in the crosshairs of an upcoming battle that threatens the security of our coastal communities, the health of our beaches, the livelihoods of our families, and the strength of our vibrant fishing industry and small businesses.
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NJ Politics Digest: With Apparent Lack of Irony, Christie Ally Accuses NY of Politics