Recover From Marathon Prep and Take a Sound Bath

Plus, snack on açaí, turmeric and baobab at your desk

A Pure Yoga sound bath.
A Pure Yoga sound bath. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Everything fitness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Take a sound bath: The super luxe Pure Yoga West is hosting one of their infamous sound baths this Friday from 6:30 to 8PM, so prepare to meditate and recover from all of your Halloween shenanigans. Keep in mind that you will be spending over an hour of your Friday night devoted to listening to tuning forks and tuning out. via Soundmind.

Get ready to run: If you’re one of the super fit New Yorkers who decided to conquer marathon running, this time of year is probably leaving you exhausted. Oasis Day Spa is offering training season specials, including their “Muscle Meltdown Massage” and a dedicated foot treatment. via Oasis Day Spa.

Snack on superfoods: Subscription snack box company Graze created a new superfoods collection so you can finally force yourself to snack on something healthy in the office, instead of reaching for the dwindling supply of Halloween candies. Now, you can have açaí, turmeric and baobab at your desk, much to the confusion of your colleaguesvia Graze.

Box your way to the booths: If you have a lot of election energy to take out, consider joining a free New York Sports Club boxing class. There are moves made for the class, including “boxing and ballots” and “Trump those triceps.” Classes are at the Union Square location on Wednesday at 6:30PM and Thursday at 12:30PM. What’s better than getting your aggression out and working towards becoming a Hadid sister? via New York Sports Club.

Recover From Marathon Prep and Take a Sound Bath