Six Over-the-Top Gifts for the Person Who Already Has Everything

These might not be necessities, but they will be appreciated by even the pickiest person.

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We all have that one friend/family member/coworker who is good at everything, owns everything and knows everything, thus making them the worst person to buy a gift for. What’s left to gift this particularly difficult yet very cultured individual?

It’s important to get creative and think outside the box for this person. If it’s your significant other, perhaps a pricey experiential gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, like driving an F1 through Monaco’s Grand Prix course. For your aunt who has a well-designed kitchen and a fridge that looks like a mini Whole Foods, consider gifting a handheld butter churner. We seriously doubt she has one, but would really be into using one. And if all else fails, there’s always a Berluti briefcase, that was specially designed to tote champagne around.

Zip Through Monaco’s Grand Prix

This ride could be yours.

This ride could be yours. Courtesy Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

True car connoisseurs would fawn over the opportunity to take part in the Grand Prix. Sadly, not all of them are talented race car drivers. Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo doesn’t care about that detail, as they offer guests the opportunity to take an F1 on a spin through the Circuit du Luc track in Provence. All you need to do is book an overnight stay at a junior suite and the concierge will take care of the racing details. Safety is factored into the deal, as no one gets behind the wheel without attending a workshop with a Formula 1 driver.
Starting at $3,362

Breathe Easy

Plant is not included with purchase.

Plant is not included with purchase. Courtesy Awair

This unexpected gift is perfect for the aesthetics-obsessed hypochondriac in your life. Awair is an air sensor, disguised in a mid-century inspired box, that doubles as a clock. It monitors the chemicals and toxins in the air, delivering real time information about air particles directly to your phone. And you thought pollution was something you only had to worry about outside of your home…
Awair, $199

Fleet Week (But For a Whole Year)

Now THIS is a Christmas present.

Now THIS is a Christmas present. Barton & Gray Mariners

There are only two Barton & Gray Fleet Admiral Cards offered for sale every year, making this one of the most exclusive nautical gifts on the market. Lucky recipients of the card have unlimited access to a fleet of Hinckley Yachts, which are fully crewed, at 17 harbors along the Eastern Seaboard. Yes, Nantucket and the Bahamas are included in the offer.
The Barton & Gray Fleet Admiral Card, $95,000 per year, plus one-time $10,000 initiation fee

Better Butter

Even dogs love fresh churned butter.

Even dogs love freshly churned butter. Churncraft/Instagram

We all have that one person on our gift list who brews their own craft beer and loves posting Instagrams of their farm-to-table feasts, wooden cheese board included. These DIY foodies obviously have a well-stocked cabinet of kitchen tools, but we bet they don’t have a mechanical butter churner…until now. Churncraft features a minimalist look (made from stainless steel, glass and wood) and can easily turn two quarts of cream into 1.5 to 2 pounds of fresh butter, in about 20 minutes. Finally, you can believe that it is butter!
Churncraft The Butter Churn, $240

LOT Of Books

Just a few Assouline titles for your well-read friends.

Just a few Assouline titles for your well-read friends. Assouline

Look no further than Assouline for an astounding collection of coffee table tomes. For the holidays, the publishing house has done the dirty work, and has curated a selection of 20 titles that will intrigue anyone. So you can rest assured that this bundle of books is the perfect gift for bookworms of all types. Topics covered include fashion, cars, jewelry, motorcycles, wine and American cities, in addition to Ballets Russes, The Hunger Games and Venice Synagogues. Of course.
Assouline The Ultimate Collection, $15,000

Sip Smarter

The proper way to drink champagne, is with a specially designed briefcase.

The proper way to drink champagne, is with a specially designed briefcase. Courtesy Berluti

When it comes to transporting a bottle of bubbly, a crinkly black plastic bag from the liquor store just won’t cut it. What will is a Berluti briefcase, one which has been specially designed to carry two superb bottles of champagne (actually, it comes with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé), plus four Joseph flutes. Consider this a good gift for the extreme picnicker in your life…or just your fanciest great uncle who loves a good time. This style, and the smaller Short Journey bag, will only be produced in a limited number of 100, so you better act fast.
Krug x Berluti Un Jour – Long Journey, $6,300, Available at Berluti stores Six Over-the-Top Gifts for the Person Who Already Has Everything