This Male Model Is Also an Exotic Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Antin poses with otters, bearded lizards and crocodiles

Dr. Evan Antin

Dr. Evan Antin Instagram

LAB SERIES, the men’s skincare brand that introduced the world to an Instagram-famous mechanical engineer/male model, announced their global brand ambassador for the holiday season. While it’s hard to compete with a professor, their latest skincare model manages to be equally impressive. After all, Dr. Evan Antin is an exotic wildlife veterinarian who has been declared an “internet sensation” because of his wild selfies.

Dr. Antin has 580,000 followers on Instagram, perhaps owed to his many posts with otters, bearded lizards and crocodiles. For those who scare easily, there are plenty of less ferocious dogs and newborn puppies he delivered himself. And, the male model isn’t just a California-based vet—he also volunteers with animals around the world. That’s a lot of information to fit on a dating app profile.


Perhaps if you gift your significant other with some LAB SERIES products this holiday season, they will become a multi-hyphenate Instagram sensation and male model. The brand is offering plenty of products and gift sets perfect for men who are invested in their skincare routines.

Or, if you’re not seeing anyone but you’re looking for someone new to follow on Instagram, add Dr. Antin to your repertoire. He’s just like the infamous Doctor Mike, only there are animals and exotic locales involved.

This Male Model Is Also an Exotic Wildlife Veterinarian