Twitter Roasts Scott Walker for ‘Endorsing’ Hillary Clinton

A growing number of Republicans are endorsing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for president. Is it time to add Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to that list?

Many Twitter users were scratching their heads this morning after the former 2016 presidential candidate sent out this tweet:

While this was presumably supposed to be a backhanded compliment, it quickly backfired because, as many Twitter users pointed out, President Obama currently has a 55 percent approval rating, the highest of his second term. As such, Walker’s mentions were filled with Clinton endorsements, and with people making fun of lack of Twitter acumen:

The tweet still hasn’t been deleted.

Walker’s Twitter feed usually isn’t so polarizing—since he dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination last year, it’s mostly been filled with his baking and hunting exploits.

Just another example of how risky it can be to get political on Twitter.

Twitter Roasts Scott Walker for ‘Endorsing’ Hillary Clinton