Winners And Losers: Post LD40 Convention Edition

Already grappling with the fat that attends early middle age, the tousled, drunken insider told PolitickerNJ that “they were still a year removed” from being able to party like 1999 at the annual League of Municipalities Conference.

“You can feel it getting there,” the insider observed thoughtfully, as if providing highly valued and insightful intel. “But with [Governor Chris] Christie still in New Jersey, there’s some resistance to going completely crazy. People are afraid. But I think next year you’ll see this thing revert to form.”

It was an interesting prediction, made by a guy who looked like he had just spent three days in unrelenting party mode.

What does he want, a heart attack?


Anthony Romano

Stick with us on this one. The HCDO likes to stick it to those people it defeats, unless they were only temporarily unstuck, then the organization doesn’t like to be a stick in the mud. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, anymore than you can throw a bone and expect him to come back with a stick, unless you paste it to his forward and make it stick. And so it was that Romano – a Hudson freeholder and potential Hoboken mayoral candidate – had a successful fundraiser this week, as he contemplates whether to kick or stick.

Kevin Rooney

The Wycoff Mayor won the vacant LD40 Assembly seat on Tuesday night in a duel with far-reaching implications, as Republicans appear primed to make it a full-fledged primary next year. In a three-way contest with 209 people participating, Rooney won 104 votes.

Al Barlas

The Essex County GOP chairman – and state Senator Kevin O’Toole protege – was all in with Rooney, going up against three other county chairs who had aligned with either Maura DeNicola or Michael Marotta.

Peter Murphy

The former Passaic County Republican Chairman from Totowa gained clout with Rooney’s win, as he looks ahead (with ally Barlas) to supplanting the retiring Senator O’Toole with his ward and acolyte, Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado in next year’s GOP Primary.

Kevin O’Toole

Retiring from the state senate next year, the LD40 political animal was fully behind Rooney, whom he wants in the legislature as a precursor to getting in the entire Corrado team to fulfill a passing of the torch to the team of his choice.

Phil Murphy

Paul DiGaetano and company tried to bogeyman the Democrat and former Goldman Sachs executive in a Republican pre-primary fight by flashing pics of Peter Murphy with Phil and Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi. But a Teflon Phil Murphy walked through the outraged GOP static along with Peter Murphy, as Peter Murphy’s candidate won the LD40 assembly vacancy.


Paul DiGaetano

Bad news for Paulie. The Bergen County GOP Chairman – a former assemblyman and statewide GOP leader – has been eying his own run for the state senate seat. Marotta’s loss has to put in jeopardy somewhat his own designs on going to the upper house. We’ll see.

Maura DeNicola

We don’t like writing her name here, because we like her, the former Bergen County Republican freeholder, but she did receive the fewest number of votes among the competitors at last night’s LD40 convention. no support from leaders local mayors

Michael Marotta

He fought hard but came up short in his bid to supplant retired Assemblyman Scott Rumana, who became a superior court judge earlier this year.

 John Traier

The Passaic County GOP chairman (along with Morris Republican Chairman John Sette and DiGaetano) was said to have even pounded on a few doors in an attempt to get the vote out for Marotta, who fell short.

Assane Faye

Having previously eaten a conviction charging him with two counts of embezzling union funds and seven counts of mail fraud arising from unemployment insurance fraud, the labor leader this week got 37 months in the can.

Bernards Township

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit this week against the Somerset County burgh, alleging a violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA). The suit comes in response to the township’s denial of zoning approval to allow the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge to build a mosque on land it owns. At the time of the Islamic Society’s zoning request, construction of places of worship was a matter of right.

Winners And Losers: Post LD40 Convention Edition