Customize Your Workout and Start a Ketogenic Diet

Plus, get all of your wellness gifting done early

Sworkit with a custom workout plan.

Sworkit with a custom workout plan. Sworkit Instagram

Everything wellness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Customize your workouts: Fitness app Sworkit introduced customized workouts for their premium subscribers. They’re rolling out six weeks of plans starting on January 1, with the hope that you’ll continue well into the new year. The focus can be getting leaner, stronger or just more fit. via Sworkit. 

Prepare for a sound bath: Sonic Saturday is taking place again this weekend at 4:30 at Pure Yoga West. Prepare for lots of jangling noises and the chance to relax before the holidays begin in earnest. It’s much easier than a full-on digital detox. via Sonic Saturday.

Learn the latest fitness findings: Wellness site Mindbodygreen released their 2017 wellness trends report, and found personalized nutrition, staying sober, communal spaces and accessible trends are what’s coming….along with the rise of the ketogenic (high fat, low carb) diet. via mindbodygreen.

Get your wellness gifting done early: Sakara is teaming up with Fivestory for a holiday takeover this Thursday afternoon. There will be holiday bundles for all of your clean eating friends. And if you’re not particularly into low-cal treats, you can pick up super luxe shoes, instead. via Fivestory.

Customize Your Workout and Start a Ketogenic Diet