FDU Poll: N.J. Residents Feel Both ‘Hope’ and ‘Disgust’ Ahead of Trump Presidency

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Trump will be inaugurated in January 2017. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The win of President-Elect Donald Trump has New Jersey residents “approaching the Trump years with excitement and despair” according to a poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll. While Trump won enough Electoral College votes nationally, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won New Jersey’s general election by a comfortable margin.

In that FDU poll, those surveyed were asked which one word are to mind when describing the Trump administration. According to results, “hopeful” was mentioned most often with other oft-mentioned responses ranging from “scared” to “happy” to “disgusted.”

According to PublicMind director Krista Jenkins, many respondents expressed feelings of shock that Trump beat out Clinton to become the nation’s 45th president.

“He’s a force unto himself, and voters see him as somewhat of a political chameleon. He’s either an inspiring agent of change or an embarrassing, unqualified racist. There doesn’t appear to be much of a middle ground,” Jenkins said.

According to results, Clinton has an “enthusiasm gap of +16, to Trump’s -2.” That means that of those who voted for Clinton, respondents said that their votes were not primarily motivated as a vote against the opposition.

The poll also assessed respondents feelings on the Electoral College system in the U.S. in lieu of the fact that Clinton won the national popular vote but failed to win enough electoral votes to claim victory. According to the poll, 51 percent support having the popular vote decide elections and 43 percent favor leaving thing as they are. Among those who voted for Clinton, the number in favor of moving to a popular vote system swells to 76 percent. That number is 20 percent among Trump supporters.

The results also demonstrated an uptick in social media use to express personal political opinions. Thirty six percent of respondents said that they used social media in that way in the lead up to this election. Thirteen percent said they unfriended or unfollowed someone on social media due to political posts.

The  poll was conducted by phone from November 30 to December 4, 2016. A random sample of 836 registered voters in New Jersey were surveyed.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media.

FDU Poll: N.J. Residents Feel Both ‘Hope’ and ‘Disgust’ Ahead of Trump Presidency