Four of the Coziest Winter Date Night Spots

Put down the pajamas and stop the Seamless

The Wild Son.

The Wild Son. Shannon Sturgis

Currently, your winter date night probably consists of Seamless, a bottle of wine and the latest Netflix binge. But if you’re looking to expand your horizons, and spend the evening dressed in something a little chicer than pajamas (although there are plenty of trendy silk ones, these days), there are plenty of warm and cozy options, which are worth leaving the house for.

iPic Theaters 

iPic offers pod-like seating and in-movie service.

iPic offers pod-like seating and in-movie service. Courtesy iPic

Movie dates can feel like an unwelcome reminder of middle school, especially if you’re eating stale popcorn in cramped quarters. But once you visit the new iPic in the Seaport District, you’ll be ready to give movie night another go. Movies can be enjoyed along with truffle fries, custom cocktails, plus the coziness of blankets, pillows and pod seating. It’s the most glamorous way to go to the movies…unless your own home has an unlimited supply of popcorn.

The evening doesn’t have to only involve seeing a movie, as there’s a club-inspired bar upstairs, an ideal spot for recapping the film. Or, if you’re looking to really make a night of it, venture to the Taylor Swift Experience down below and then snap a selfie with the Christmas tree outside.

The Wild Son 

The Golden Shrub, from The Wild Son's low-abv cocktail program.

The Golden Shrub, from The Wild Son’s low-abv cocktail program. Victoria Morris

This intimate restaurant is tucked under The High Line,  making it ideal for a late night bite after a trip to the Whitney or a sunset walk. While Meatpacking is full of restaurants, if you’re looking for romance you’re less than likely to find it at a clubsteraunt, even if one does provide ample Instagram opportunities.

The Wild Son just started serving dinner, so it’s still a secret spot with no wait, and no need to be jammed up against strangers (so it’s flawless for a first date). If said date is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or anything else that makes reservations almost impossible, they can enjoy raw walnut paté with chopped vegetables and flavorful tuscan kale without the lunchtime-in-California feel of places like The Butcher’s Daughter.

Feastive Dinner Party

Feastive, the dinner party in a box.

Feastive, the dinner party in a box. Feastive Instagram

Want to have a double date night, but don’t want to venture outside in the wintry weather? Feastive offers dinner parties in a box, with everything from appetizers to adventurous main courses, including hot pots and vermicelli bowls. Make a night of it with matching cocktails.

Or, simply whip up the meal for you and a date, and keep the leftovers for another night.

Adoro Lei

Don't have a date? Simply pair up with this Nutella pizza.

Don’t have a date? Simply pair up with this Nutella pizza. Adoro Lei Instagram

If you’re looking to continue the date the next morning, try Adoro Lei’s romantic brunch. the restaurant features heart-topped waffles and Nutella pizza to truly indulge after an active evening.

Better yet, Adoro Lei created a custom photo studio, backdrop included, to stage an impromptu photoshoot before you go about your day. It’s the easiest way to force someone into being in a Facebook official relationship.

Four of the Coziest Winter Date Night Spots