NJ Politics Digest: Christie Lashes Out On Twitter Following Book Deal Defeat

It’s Wednesday, and Gov. Chris Christie has reacted to his legislative defeat by launching a Twitter storm against lawmakers opposed to his deal that was supposed to allow him to profit from writing a book and change laws benefiting newspapers if he agreed to raises for political appointees. But Christie was the sole voice defending the deal Tuesday, as journalists and opposition lawmakers continued to pile on the governor and the highly unpopular deal. And Assembly Speaker Vince Prieto learned that Wikipedia pages can be edited by enemies.
But newspapers shouldn’t rejoice too soon. Christie has said passing what has been termed his “revenge bill” against the press remains a top priority for the coming year.
In other news, state environmentalists and shore lovers got an early Christmas present, as President Obama permanently banned oil drilling off the state’s coast – though it’s unclear how long “permanently” will actually be once he leaves office. And lost in the hubub over the defeat of the three-bill Christie book deal deal is the news that state voters will be asked to decide on a constitutional amendment that would require funds from environmental lawsuits to actually be used to repair environmental damage.

Quote of the Day: “If the governor thinks this is the top priority for the new year, rather than safety issues at NJ Transit, pay equity, pension obligations, a $15 minimum wage, a new Port Authority bus terminal, the Gateway Tunnel, preventing gun violence by domestic violence abusers, New Jersey spending the least amount on smoking cessation programs – just to name a few – and the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, which if we could hold down would do more to reduce legal ads costs than anything else we could do, he’s more out of touch than we thought.” – Sen. Loretta Weinberg, responding to tweets by Gov. Chris Christie lambasting her in the wake of his legislative defeat.

Chris Christie in Twitter storm after bill defeats
A day after Gov. Chris Christie tasted defeat when public outcry derailed both his newspaper “revenge bill” and his book deal, Christie went on a Twitter storm to attack both publishers and lawmakers.
Bob Jordan, Asbury Park Press Read more

5 things that could happen after Christie’s book and ‘revenge’ bills stalled
New Jersey lawmakers handed Gov. Chris Christie a stunning defeat Monday when a pair of controversial bills that the governor was pushing for stalled a week after they were introduced.
Brent Johnson, NJ.com Read more

Christie takes political hit, but he’s still a force in Trenton
No doubt about it, Gov. Christie suffered a defeat Monday when New Jersey lawmakers rejected a bill that would have let him cash in on a book deal in exchange for raises for officials across state government, including legislative staff.
Andrew Seidman, Inquirer Read more

Chris Christie Can’t Even Get A Book Deal
Chris Christie’s once glimmering political career continues to descend to inglorious lows.
Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair Read more

Sorry, Christie, newspapers are alive and kicking
Reports of New Jersey’s print media’s demise were factually incorrect. No surprise. They mostly were coming from Governor Christie, whose relationship with the truth is about as long-term as each of the late Zsa Zsa Gabor’s marriages. She had nine.
Alfred P. Doblin, The Record Read more

Sleazy Chris Christie doesn’t deserve your money
It’s hard to win the title of sleaziest politician, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a better chance of winning it than he ever did of winning the presidency.
John Crudele, NY Post Read more

Vincent Prieto called ‘full-time leech’ on his Wikipedia page
An anonymous Wikipedia user edited Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto’s Wikipedia page today to call him a “full-time leech” because of his three public jobs.
Terrence T. McDonald, The Jersey Journal Read more

Lawmakers’ revolt sinks book deal, newspaper bill
A rare uprising took hold of the State House on Monday as rank-and-file lawmakers from both parties killed a controversial bill that would have allowed Governor Christie to cash in on a book-publishing deal and give hefty raises to his Cabinet officers, judges and legislative aides.
Salvador Rizzo, The Record Read more

Christie’s pick of prosecutor to run A.C. shows why the Donald was wise to dump him
I have long been of the belief that once someone has been a prosecutor he is ill-suited for any task in life other than to find quick and convenient ways to imprison his fellow citizens.
Paul Mulshine, The Star Ledger Read more

Sandy foreclosure bill heads to governor
A bill that would protect Sandy victims for foreclosure is on Gov. Chris Christie’s desk after the measure was approved Tuesday by the state Senate.
Jean Mikle, Asbury Park Press Read more

Obama bans oil drilling in areas off N.J. coast
President Barack Obama on Tuesday permanently banned oil and gas drilling off the New Jersey coast and in other parts of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Virginia.
Jonathan D. Salant, NJ.com Read more

No plea deal to be offered to suspected N.Y., N.J. bomber, prosecutor says
Accused bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi limped into a Union County courtroom wearing a bullet-proof vest, as seven sheriff’s officers surrounded him during his arraignment Tuesday on charges of attempted murder of Linden police officers during a shootout.
Tom Haydon, NJ.com Read more

N.J.’s population rises, but New York and Pennsylvania lost residents
New Jersey’s population has risen slightly as the Garden State is hanging on to its ranking as the 11th most populous state in the nation, according to estimates released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Jonathan D. Salant, NJ.com Read more

Deliberations to begin Wednesday in WNY mayor’s bribery trial
The jury in Felix Roque’s commercial bribery case is set to begin deliberations Wednesday morning, after the close of arguments Tuesday, when the physician and West New York mayor testified he never even sent patients to a Hackensack MRI lab, much less took kickbacks for doing it.
Steve Strunsky, NJ.com Read more

Constitutional Amendment Coming On Natural Resources Damages
The Legislature yesterday took a step toward allowing voters next fall to require funds from environmental lawsuits be used to restore natural resources damaged by polluters.
Tom Johnson, NJSpotlight Read more

Report finds ‘staggering racial disparities’ in which N.J. kids land behind bars
New Jersey has significantly reduced the number of kids behind bars, but a new report from a social justice group has found “staggering racial disparities” among the state’s juvenile inmates.
S.P. Sullivan, NJ.com Read more

Bridgegate defense attorneys request new trial
Attorneys for two defendants convicted for their involvement in the 2013 lane closure scandal at the George Washington Bridge have asked for a new trial, raising issues about potential problems with jury deliberations, last-minute changes to the prosecution’s core case and what they believe was a judge’s error in answering a key jury question.
Todd South and Paul Berger, The Record Read more

N.J. better prepared than Pa. for disease, disaster, and bioterrorism, report says
Zika virus. Deadly floods. Wildfires. Hardly a week goes by without a headline about disease outbreaks, environmental crises, or bioterrorism somewhere in the world.
Tom Avril, Inquirer Read more

Beck endorses O’Scanlon
District 11 Sen. Jennifer Beck is throwing her support behind her former running mate Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon in a Republican battle to replace long-time District 13 Sen. Joe Kyrillos.
Susanne Cervenka, Asbury Park Press Read more

Bergenfield councilman stepping down to join Gottheimer staff
Christopher Tully will resign from the Borough Council to accept a key role in the office of soon-to-be U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, the congressman-elect announced on Tuesday.
Philip DeVencentis, The Record Read more

Solar power project at Northeast US military base underway
A solar power project officials say is the largest in the military in the Northeastern U.S. is moving forward.
Associated Press Read more

Historic submarine might be stuck in the mud
The USS Ling has been berthed in the Hackensack River for more than 40 years – and it might be stuck there.
Rodrigo Torrejon, The Record Read more

Lawsuit, DOJ review spur Princeton to change mental-health policy
The U.S. Department of Justice announced an agreement Monday with Princeton University to better address the needs of students with mental-health disabilities.
Robert Moran, Inquirer Read more

Editorial: Dear Gov. Christie: Your priorities are cockeyed. Sincerely, N.J.
Chris Christie has priorities, and he’s sticking by them. Never mind that they are irrational and that almost no one else shares them.
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Editorial: Engaged citizens derail backroom deal
In what can only be described as a crushing repudiation of both Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s legislative leadership, two bills that sailed through legislative committees on Friday and were to have been voted on by both houses of the Legislature today were beaten back by public outrage.
Asbury Park Press Read more

Editorial: Clean up pollution deals
Lawmakers quietly approved legislation this week that will ask voters next year if proceeds from pollution settlements in the state should be devoted solely to cleanup efforts instead of allowing the money to be used for other purposes.
Asbury Park Press Read more

NJ Politics Digest: Christie Lashes Out On Twitter Following Book Deal Defeat