NJ Politics Digest: Is Congressman’s Lack Of Graciousness Hurting Constituents?

It’s Tuesday, and while the election is a month past, the hard feelings linger, at least in the state’s fifth congressional district, where Democrat Josh Gottheimer claims his defeated opponent won’t return calls to talk about constituent issues that could be overlooked in next month’s transition.
Sports fans had a little politics served up with their Sunday sports results, as talk is that Jets owner Woody Johnson could land a job in the Trump administration. Some local officials tell Politico promises made prior to the passage of the state gas tax increase haven’t been fulfilled, as the state sits on money they were expecting to receive for road work. And, a measure to rein-in unexpected medical costs for patients has been delayed following doctors’ efforts to battle the consumer-protection measure.

Quote of the Day: “My biggest thing is, these constituent issues are not partisan issues. Helping a veteran or a senior, making sure they get their Social Security, or helping a business that has an issue, this election should not affect their lives,” – Fifth District Rep-elect Josh Gottheimer, on Rep. Scott Garrett’s not responding to requests to discuss the transition.

Gottheimer: Garrett won’t talk about transition
The bitterness that was a hallmark of the contest between Republican Rep. Scott Garrett and Democrat Josh Gottheimer apparently did not end when the polls closed and Gottheimer won by about 10,000 more votes.
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Jets’ Woody Johnson a contender to be Donald Trump’s U.K. ambassador, report says
Jets owner Woody Johnson is under consideration to be the United States’ ambassador to the United Kingdom under president-elect Donald Trump, according to the New York Post, which reported Johnson is ‘a leading contender.’
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Not Trump this time, but son-in-law Jared Kushner who is stymieing Atlantic City
Most people would associate Atlantic City with Donald Trump, but it’s the president-elect’s powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whose real estate holdings are currently bedeviling this floundering seaside resort.
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You may be eligible for health subsidies and not know it
The federal government drew attention Monday to the millions of Americans, including nearly 224,000 in New Jersey, who are eligible for subsidies to buy health coverage but apparently don’t know it.
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Chris Christie Signs 14 Bills Into Law, Vetoes Voting And Prison Legislation
Gov. Chris Christie signed 14 bills into law Monday and vetoed two bills that would expand voting rights and restrict solitary confinement.
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Christie vetoes new limits on solitary confinement
Gov. Chris Christie on Monday vetoed a bill that would have banned solitary confinement for inmates under 21, calling it a “partisan and juvenile” attempt by Democratic lawmakers to drum up headlines.
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Christie knocks Lesniak in solitary confinement veto
Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a proposal on Monday to restrict solitary confinement in New Jersey, attacking the bill’s sponsor and claiming the legislation seeks to solve a problem that does not exist.
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Remembering former Senator Len Connors
Politicians across New Jersey remembered and mourned former state senator and Surf City Mayor Leonard T. Connors Jr. as a man focused on serving his constituents’ needs and who was not afraid to push back against powerful special interest groups.
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New law forgives N.J. college loans if student dies
New Jersey’s student loan agency will no longer require repayment of loans if a student borrower dies, under a law signed Monday by Gov. Christie.
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What if new Port Authority Bus Terminal were built in NJ?
It’s a doomsday scenario for the thousands of New Jersey commuters who arrive by bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal each day.
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Confusion reigns after promised state boost for local transportation doesn’t arrive
It was one of the biggest selling points for the state’s new infrastructure plan, often cited as a reason to support the state’s first gas-tax increase in decades: The new legislation more than doubles the amount of transportation aid provided to counties and municipalities, helping to finance badly-needed road projects across the state.
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After voters reject North Jersey casinos, lawmakers push gaming at race tracks
A month after voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed casinos in North Jersey, state lawmakers quietly advanced legislation on Monday that could achieve a similar result — without amending the state constitution or holding another election.
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Effort to stop surprise medical bills stalls as doctors fight back
The seven-year effort to crack down on surprise out-of-network medical bills was delayed again Monday, the same day a group of doctors urged lawmakers to consider an alternative proposal they say won’t force them out of business.
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Hearing canceled on bill to rein in hospital bills
Monday’s legislative hearing about a bill to rein in out-of-network charges by hospitals and physicians was abruptly cancelled by the measure’s main sponsor less than two hours before it was to begin.
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Putting the Breaks on Pollutions From Big Rigs at NJ Ports
Can clean-truck tariff help pay to retrofit older, heavy-duty transport, cleaning up air at ports and surrounding communities?
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N.J. gets more time to dredge waterways damaged by Sandy
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has agreed to give New Jersey seven more years to dredge waterways filled with silt and sand from Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie announced Monday.
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‘It just keeps getting harder’: NJCU remembers slain students at vigil
As college students across the country finish their final exams and prepare for winter break, the New Jersey City University campus is mourning the loss of two students senselessly slain off campus this semester.
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Imam faces renewed court battle to stay in the U.S.
A revered Muslim cleric accused by some federal officials of having terrorist ties, but praised by others as a voice of moderation, was back in court Monday morning in Newark battling deportation charges.
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Christie touts power company merger as good news
Having recently assumed control of Atlantic City amid its financial struggle, Governor Christie traveled to the region Monday to deliver what he called positive news for resident.
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N.J. worker charged with coercing sex by threatening moms’ visits with children
A former New Jersey child protection worker has been indicted on allegations of coercing two mothers to engage in sexual behavior in exchange for positive reports and unsupervised visits with their children, the state Attorney General’s Office announced Monday.
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