‘Crystal’ is the Latest Beauty Buzzword

The line between beauty and wellness has been officially blurred

This past summer, I experienced the most new-age blowout one could ever imagine. I was at Lauren + Vanessa, a boutique hair salon in Manhattan’s Financial District, to experience a treatment called the Crystal Cleanse. The salon’s co-founders, Lauren Hack and Vanessa Ungaro, are the type of people who have a soothing effect, no matter what they’re saying; they are essentially beauty-therapists, the kinds you want to spend time with after a really bad day.

I was asked to state my intentions for coming in for the service and Lauren got to work with a traditional feather and sage, performing a smudging ritual. Then, I chose from a selection of essential oils, picking the one that best ‘resonated with my soul.’ What followed was a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage, which used both oils and crystals, and worked to open my third eye chakra.

I’ve always approached anything new-age-y with equal parts intrigue and skepticism, and this was no different. And yet: as Vanessa was putting the finishing spritzes of Oribe on me (the process, in total, took almost two hours) I received an email with really good career news. I found myself tearing up and sharing my news with L+V who enthusiastically told me that clearly, I had indeed manifested my hopes and dreams as discussed when I set my intention. I can totally understand if this all has you rolling your eyes—but who am I to turn down good fortune?

To better understand why I might want to give crystals a shot, though, I consulted the fabulous Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss, an excellent destination for self-healing/self-love 101 should you be in the market, and a good place to get your first crystals. They’ve even spelled out usage instructions on their website. “I’ve encountered a lot of fellow crystal lovers or people that are like, ‘hmm that seems interesting,’ and then I’ve encountered people who are like ‘girl, what are you doing? You’ve got a bunch of rocks with you?!’ But these have been around longer than any of us, why wouldn’t they have the energy of the world in them? Most crystals are millions of years old,” Brown said, via phone call. “I think they were put here for us to utilize. And if nothing else, I believe that connecting with nature is always such a sacred space to be in.”

Put more simply: “I feel like crystal energy is what you make of it, beyond any scientific explanation. I think I’ve learned over the years that vibes and intentions affect outcomes more than anything,” Michael Carbaugh, founder of Sandoval said.

Crystals, gemstones, and other minerals are only picking up steam in the beauty and wellness industries, so, as a writer with an eye to the trends, I set out to explore this quickly exploding one. I figured that if I wasn’t ready to set an intention and mediate, crystals in hand, I could always take the beauty route to exploring this wellness buzzword.

There are a number of brands using crystals in their products, but the one you truly must know is Själ. The brand seeks to combine Western biotechnology with ancient Eastern medicine. Try their beautiful Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask which contains blue copper, blue sapphire, and blue lotus. It’s one of those do-it-all masks—it calms, soothes, decongests, firms—and most importantly leaves you glowing immediately post-use.

“We are made up of water tissues and minerals; our bones are a crystalline structure. Therefore, [we] have a natural affinity and resonance with crystals and minerals. We have a physical, electronic exchange with the earth as we do with crystals and minerals,” Kristin Petrovich, co-founder of Själ explained. “Crystals and gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency, so when they are used in skincare, they help to target the weaker cells, helping to balance, harmonize and energize the skin.”

Shiva Rose Blue Crystal Eye Cream can be found at CAP Beauty, the West Village gem containing a magical arsenal of natural beauty. They characterize the crystal-infused eye cream as being “lovingly crafted and expertly alchemized,”—calling the final product “pure bliss.” Activated with the third-eye opening powers of the beautiful Azurite Crystal for spiritual clarity and openness, this eye cream beautifies and cares for, yes, all three of your eyes.

Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Intensive Treatment
Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Intensive Treatment Courtesy Dr. Hauschka

Crystal-infused skincare is a subcategory poised to continue expanding, as more and more people take interest in the transformative energy of crystals. A few other products to check out—Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Intensive Treatment makes the calming properties of black tourmaline portable via face mist. Probiotic-infused Aurelia’s brand new Brightening Botanical Essence, which is made with quartz and rose-quartz infused waters, in combination with pure glacier and mineral-rich volcanic waters and balancing probiotic technology. Founder Claire Vero notes, “I wanted the essences to benefit both skin and mind, and encourage mindfulness by combating the day-to-day stresses we all face.” The line between beauty and wellness has been officially blurred.

Epicuren’s Sacred Indigo body oil is a lush way to give your body the full crystal treatment, and Epicuren takes no shortcuts when it comes to preparing the crystals used—one floats amidst the oil, too. “Each crystal in our Epicuren Exquisite Oil Collection is energetically infused with restorative vibrations. To prepare the crystals, they are soaked in a warm water bath including a Himalayan and dead sea salt cleanse, and finally charged under the light of a full moon to provide optimum healing energy,” explained Heather Linberg of Epicuren.

In case you thought that only hippie brands are harnessing this unique energy, consider derm-brand, Dr. Brandt’s Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme which uses micronized rubies. It was inspired by ruby laser treatments, which encourage cell regeneration and a healthy glow.

Sandoval Love
Sandoval Love Courtesy Sandoval

Finally, don’t be afraid to break out crystals in your bedroom. “I used them for my own meditation and manifestation exercises, and their benefits just seemed to unfold for me on a personal level,” Carbaugh said, of his chic aromatic blends for the home. “When it was time to create a fully developed product range, I thought it would be awesome to share this practice with my customer.” The LOVE blend is infused with rose quartz (the essential crystal of love—be it self-love, romantic love, or familial love) that’s been, according to the website, “charged in the full moon, to activate your feelings of passion and arousal.”

Essentially, there’s a way to check out crystals and their healing properties whether you’re looking to recharge your spirit for the upcoming year, or just your complexion.

‘Crystal’ is the Latest Beauty Buzzword