The 10 Weirdest Reddit Secret Santa Gifts of 2016

Not everyone is lucky enough to have Bill Gates as their Secret Santa. Here are the weirdest gifts from Reddit's 2016 winter gift exchange.

1. A 10-pound cheesecake


2. A Bidet

With a heated seat and remote, of course.


3. "Bangkok Travel Guide For Men"

"Thank you Santa for the gift," the recipient wrote on Reddit. "Those compass bracelets may come in handy out on the trails. However, I'm not quit sure what to do with that Bangkok Travel Guide for MEN, book. Where is the one for women? I find it amusing, though."


4. The Hufflepuff Cup


5. A poop mask


6. A gift from the recipient's own store

Sans a photo of the actual gift, one Reddit user posted the following story:

It's a small world! My secret Santa said that they shipped my gifts. I received one of them today, and it was from Amazon. However, the seller was ME ! I work at a small retail company in Southern WI and we have our products published to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, etc. and he must have purchased the gift from my store, and then it was shipped to me! Isn't it crazy how small the world can be sometimes?


7. Not one but three giant, 1-pound Reese's Cups.


8. The Chewbacca Mask

Which has a 50-50 chance of being inspired by the new Star Wars movie or the viral Chewbacca Mom Facebook Live video.


9 . 10 Pounds of Swedish fish

It looks like extra large portions of food were popular gifts this year.


10. Four jars of Play-Doh

Because sure, why not?


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