Winners and Losers: Week of Christie’s Book Deal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the annual State of the State address last year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the annual State of the State address last year. Andrew Burton/Getty Images


Steve Sweeney

The Senate President saw a long-delayed victory this week when his bill to require quarterly pension payments was signed into law. After trying unsuccessfully to circumvent the Governor Christie through constitutional channels with a ballot question, Sweeney finally cut a deal with the governor this week.

Kim Guadagno

The likely frontrunner in the Republican primary for 2017 netted several counties worth of endorsements this week. Though Guadagno has still not officially announced her candidacy, that show of confidence and her well-funded super PAC point to a strong showing against Democrat Phil Murphy, who is predicted to win both his party’s primary and the general election.

Sal Rizzo

The Bergen Record reporter broke the news that N.J. Democrats had struck a deal with Christie to allow the governor to proceed with a book deal in exchange for a bigger share of the state budget this week. Democrats would stand to gain in their legislative districts’ budgets if Christie gets the go-ahead to capitalize on his recounting of the Bridgegate years.

Chris Christie

Despite his miserable 19 percent approval rating, Christie displayed real force of will this week with two bills: one to allow the aforementioned book deal, and one to punish his enemies in the press with a bill that would hand over the responsibility to publish legal notices to the state. That move, sponsored by Democratic State Senator Jim Whelan, would cause cash-strapped local and weekly newspapers to take a decisive hit to their revenue if the state starts running the ads itself and online.


New Jersey’s gubernatorial candidates

Though they may be the talk of New Jersey’s political circles, a Farleigh Dickinson poll found this week that most voters have no earthly idea who early frontrunners like Murphy, Guadagno and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli are. That finding will be an especially bitter pill for the N.J. GOP, who will have to fight against the seeming inevitability of a Murphy administration. Winners and Losers: Week of Christie’s Book Deal