6 Super-Stylish Tech Gadgets For 2017

Could your stuff use an update?

CIRCLE, the latest security camera. Logitech

Unplugging more often is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions but guess what? Round about now most of us are back in our groove, checking for updates morning noon and night, seeking out the sleekest, fastest ways to get things done.  These luxe gadgets are as slick as they are functional, why not make a resolution to amp up the glam tech-wise and live a more efficient life?

Away luggage

Away luggage.
Away luggage. Away

Besides being incredibly lightweight and shatterproof, this sleekly designed luggage has a built-in charger that will power up your phone five times over, so you never have to jostle for an airport outlet again. Choose from a rainbow of understatedly sophisticated hues—including the latest, wintry white and graphite grey—and for a truly personalized touch, get it monogrammed with your choice of colors and hand-painted fonts. awaytravel.com, starting at $225

Aura frame

The Aura Frame
The Aura Frame Aura Frame

Along with the ease of high quality digital photography comes the dilemma of how to display the increasingly large amount of photos taking up space in your phone. This smart home accessory curates the best shots—taking into consideration lighting, sharpness, and clarity—and displays them in the form of a chicly modern, wifi-enabled frame that’s available in of-the-moment soft rose gold or muted charcoal. You can even allow access for friends and family members to add their snaps to your collection. auraframes.com, $399 

Kate Spade bangle tracker

Kate Spade tech bangle.
Kate Spade tech bangle. Kate Spade

Keeping track of your wellness goals has never looked so chic, thanks to Kate Spade’s jewelry-meets-activity tracker. Besides measuring steps and sleeping habits, the high-tech bracelet helps you set personal goals with motivational reminders, controls music and even works as a photography remote for your phone—all without ever needing charging. katespade.com, $128

Logitech Circle

CIRCLE. Logitech

Although it functions just as easily as a security camera or baby monitor, this smart home device is especially entertaining for interacting virtually with family (using the built-in speaker and microphone) or finding out exactly what your pets are doing when you’re not home (haven’t we all wondered that?). Use it with the corresponding app to get edited 30-second video recaps of a day, alerts based on movement, and a wide-angle view that even includes night vision. logitech.com, $199.99

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.
Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Courtesy Dyson

From a brand known for highly efficient and beautifully-designed home products, this hair dryer may be on the pricier side for a beauty product, but it comes with a slew of features that might just convince you of its investment-worthiness. The compact yet powerful tool uses Dyson’s proprietary “intelligent heat control” and patented technology to maintain shine and noiselessly project frizz-defying, controllable air for swift drying and precise styling—whether you’re looking to tame unmanageably thick hair or diffuse curls. Besides, can you really put a price on a lifetime of good hair days? dyson.com, $399.99

Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax camera

Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax camera
Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax camera Michael Kors

Equal parts glam and high tech, this retro-inspired camera will give you instant photo gratification with its built-in printer. Plus, it has a unique selfie mode, complete with handy mirror in front to help frame the shot, so you’ll never have to ask a stranger to take your photo while on vacation. michaelkors.com, $149 6 Super-Stylish Tech Gadgets For 2017