Before They Hit the Runway, Your First Look at Every New York Men’s Collection

Prepare for the arrival of NYFW: Men's

Todd Snyder - New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S 2017.
Todd Snyder – New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2017. (Photo by Jared Siskin for Patrick McMullan)

Come Monday, New York Fashion Week: Men’s will bow for its fourth season, and with it comes a slew of newcomers, mainstays, and even those who have strayed from the almighty CFDA-enforced schedule only to return to open arms. Here we’ve rounded up the eclectic collage of inspirations (and often enigmatic explanations) that have inspired the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2017 collections of 36 New York designers.

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Billy Reid: “I’m always inspired by nature and its subtle wonder.  I love the softness and natural palette of this photograph.”

Inspiration: Billy Reid
Inspiration: Billy Reid. (Photo courtesy of Billy Reid)

BODE: “Profound poeticism of domestic space and impressions of my personal history.”

Inspiration: Bode
Inspiration: Bode. (Photo courtesy of Bode)

BRETT JOHNSON: “Virginia’s majestic Blue Ridge Mountains”

Inspiration: Brett Johnson
Inspiration: Brett Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Brett Johnson)

CARLOS CAMPOS: “Si yo fuera”

Inspiration: Carlos Campos
Inspiration: Carlos Campos. (Photo courtesy of Carlos Campos)


Inspiration: Combatant Gentleman
Inspiration: Combatant Gentleman. (Photo courtesy of Combatant Gentleman)

DAVID HART: “Red carpet”

Inspiration: David Hart.
Inspiration: David Hart. (Photo courtesy of David Hart)

DAVID NAMAN: “Elegant fantasy, the paradox between luxury and fantasy. Where the young at heart, meet the re-defined classics of old.”

Inspiration: David Naman.
Inspiration: David Naman. (Photo courtesy of David Naman)

DEATH TO TENNIS: “Does Sex Sell”

Inspiration: Death to Tennis.
Inspiration: Death to Tennis. (Photo courtesy of Death to Tennis)

DEVEAUX: “The untouched, raw beauty of Iceland”

Inspiration: Deveaux.
Inspiration: Deveaux. (Photo courtesy of Deveaux)

DIM MAK: “Smash the control machine”

Inspiration: Dim Mak.
Inspiration: Dim Mak. (Photo courtesy of Dim Mak)

EFM: “The elegant active traveler, with attention to increased comfort and range of motion as we move from place to place.”

Inspiration: EFM.
Inspiration: EFM. (Photo courtesy of EFM)

GARCIAVELEZ: “The spacial relationships of overlapping geometries”

Inspiration: Garciavelez.
Inspiration: Garciavelez. (Photo courtesy of Garciavelez)

GENERAL IDEA: “Everything is one, yet everything possesses a distinct duality.”

Inspiration: General Idea.
Inspiration: General Idea. (Photo courtesy of General Idea)

Joseph Abboud: “The American Gothic novel, my collection for Fall 17 is an ode to the dark romance and mystery of the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Henry James.”

Inspiration: Joseph Abboud.
Inspiration: Joseph Abboud. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Abboud)

KENNETH NING: “Re:Industries”

Inspiration: Kenneth Ning.
Inspiration: Kenneth Ning. (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Ning)

KRAMMER & STOUDT: “The invisible among us”

Inspiration: Krammer & Stoudt
Inspiration: Krammer & Stoudt (Photo courtesy of Krammer & Stoudt)

LANDLORD: “Ride until the wheels fall off.”

Inspiration: Landlord
Inspiration: Landlord (Photo courtesy of Landlord)

LORIS DIRAN: “My travels through China and India these past 2 years: Art, wise teachings, and street style.”

Inspiration: Loris Diran
Inspiration: Loris Diran. (Photo courtesy of Loris Diran)

MATIERE: “Vandals”

Inspiration: Matiere.
Inspiration: Matiere. (Photo courtesy of Matiere)

MATTHEW ADAMS DOLAN: “Security in comfort”

Inspiration: Matthew Adams Dolan.
Inspiration: Matthew Adams Dolan. ((Photo courtesy of Matthew Adams Dolan)

MAX ‘N CHESTER: “The forever evolving music style through the decades.

Inspiration: Max 'n Chester.
Inspiration: Max ‘n Chester. (Photo courtesy of Max 'n Chester)

NAUTICA: “Reimagine heritage”

Inspiration: Nautica.
Inspiration: Nautica. (Photo courtesy of Nautica)

NICK GRAHAM: “Who would’ve ever thought that we would be actually discussing a manned trip to Mars and in our lifetimes. The big question is what are we going to wear when we get there. I hope this collection solves that problem.”

Inspiration: Nick Graham.
Inspiration: Nick Graham. (Photo courtesy of Nick Graham)

N-P-ELLIOTT: “Reality in our time is no longer a certainty when misinformation makes and breaks governments.”

Inspiration: N-p-Elliott.
Inspiration: N-p-Elliott. (Photo courtesy of N-p-Elliott)

OVADIA & SONS: “Our fathers time as a professional soccer player while in the Israeli Army.”

Inspiration: Ovadia & Sons.
Inspiration: Ovadia & Sons. (Photo courtesy of Ovadia & Sons)

PALMIERS DU MAL: “Pink Panthers, a notorious gang of jewel thieves from the former Yugoslavia

Inspiration: Palmiers du Mal
Inspiration: Palmiers du Mal (Photo courtesy of Palmiers du Mal)

PATRIK ERVELL: “Various early ’90s dance subcultures, specifically the new age and sci-fi infused aesthetic of the early UK rave scene, and envisioned how they might have grown into adulthood.

Inspiration: Patrik Ervell.
Inspiration: Patrik Ervell. (Photo courtesy of Patrik Ervell)

PERRY ELLIS: “Go anywhere fasihon, embracing its lighter side while never letting go of wear-to-work and occasion dressing.”

Inspiration: Perry Ellis.
Inspiration: Perry Ellis. (Photo courtesy of Perry Ellis)

PRIVATE POLICY: “Polycephaly through the eyes of modern globalization”

Inspiration: Private Policy.
Inspiration: Private Policy. (Photo courtesy of Private Policy)

ROBERT GELLER: “An army of us.”

Inspiration: Robert Geller.
Inspiration: Robert Geller. (Photo courtesy of Robert Geller)

SAMUELSOHN: “Monte Bianco”

Inspiration: Samuelsohn.
Inspiration: Samuelsohn. (Photo courtesy of Samuelsohn)

STAMPD: “Asphalt Wave is the blending elements and materials that may not necessarily mesh well together without perfect chemistry”

Inspiration: STAMPD.
Inspiration: STAMPD. (Photo courtesy of STAMPD)

THADDEUS O’NEIL: “An expression of optimism, unity, and resistance inspired by the Voyager Golden Record, and the disco and punk subcultures of the 1970’s.”

Inspiration: Thaddeus O'Neil.
Inspiration: Thaddeus O’Neil. (Photo courtesy of Thaddeus O'Neil)

Todd Snyder“The intersection of varsity sport and the romantic gentleman.”

Inspiration: Todd Snyder.
Inspiration: Todd Snyder. (Photo courtesy of Todd Snyder)

WOODHOUSE: “Warped reality has the power to shift our perception of the mundane. In this collection I attempted to do the same by a redistribution of the smallest of details.”

Inspiration: WOODHOUSE.
Inspiration: WOODHOUSE. (Photo courtesy of WOODHOUSE)


Inspiration: Zachary Prell.
Inspiration: Zachary Prell. (Photo courtesy of Zachary Prell)

Before They Hit the Runway, Your First Look at Every New York Men’s Collection