Clinton Shills Constantly Contradict Themselves Over Trump Outrage

Is a Trump Presidency that bad after all?

Sen. Claire McCaskill talks with Sen. Mark Warner during the confirmation hearing of Treasury Secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin, on January 19, 2017.

Sen. Claire McCaskill talks with Sen. Mark Warner during the confirmation hearing of Treasury Secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin, on January 19, 2017. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The police were out in full force during Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Clinton partisans, who spend their days sensationalizing and exaggerating perceived threats from Trump’s election, used their platforms in the self-proclaimed “resistance” movement to scold protesters. Hypocritically, these figures are the ones culpable for creating the current political atmosphere. First, they anointed and blindly defended a weak, highly unpopular presidential candidate who was under an FBI investigation, then they attacked any perceived threats to their political power and privilege when Clinton’s candidacy backfired.

“Nothing is more unAmerican than protesters who are not peaceful,” Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted on January 20. “Disgusting.” On January 12, she tweeted that chaos is coming. On January 19, she tweeted a Game of Thrones themed fear-mongering video, again stating—in big, bold letters—“chaos is coming.” Clinton partisans shouldn’t be feigning surprise over property destruction and violence when they contribute to manipulating people through fear mongering claims of impending chaos.

“Whether you’re a fan of Trump’s or not, please don’t damage our city,” tweeted Center for American Progress CEO Neera Tanden, who was listed as a likely cabinet member in Hillary Clinton’s administration. Hours later Tanden tweeted the unsubstantiated, fear mongering claim that, “US enemies are plotting with Trump,” a sentiment she has reiterated since Election Day. If Tanden truly believed enemies were plotting with Trump, she wouldn’t be chastising and scolding others for destruction of property in response to this claim.

“Of course they would. They’d also be smashing windows if Bernie Sanders or the desiccated corpse of Emma Goldman had won,” tweeted Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser, who attacked Sanders‘ supporters by inferring the violence and property destruction during the Inauguration was being carried out by them. However, Sanders supporters’ resentment is directed more toward the Democratic Party’s own corruption. Millhiser also fails to acknowledge the lack of property destruction and violence during the Democratic National Convention in July 2016 that Sanders’ supporters peacefully protested. Hours before, Millhiser tweeted the self-important fear mongering claim, “I have not been arrested by anyone in Donald Trump’s government. This tweet will repeat tomorrow if it remains true.” Even if there was a modicum of truth to Millhiser’s conveyed fear that Trump would arrest journalists, he would be very far down the list of considered dissenters.

In fact, Donald Trump should be thanking Clinton partisans, especially in the mainstream media, for handing him the presidency. They provided Trump with nearly $2 billion in free media coverage, nearly three times as much as Hillary Clinton, and five times more than Bernie Sanders. They were either complicit in the Clinton campaign and DNC strategy to elevate Trump as a “pied-piper” candidate to provide Hillary Clinton with a weak general election opponent. Despite evidence that the DNC and Democratic Party anointed Clinton as their preferred nominee, the Democratic Party has refused to acknowledge the undemocratic nature of the primaries. When Wikileaks released DNC emails confirming former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her staff were working on behalf of Hillary Clinton, in violation of the DNC Charter, they scolded and shamed Sanders’ supporters to “get over it,” while constantly denying it ever happened.

Now facing a Trump presidency, Clinton partisans switch back and forth between cries that the sky is falling to praising the conservatism inherent in some ofTrump’s transition decisions.

“Some of Trump’s cabinet picks have been good, others… terrible,” tweeted Sen. Claire McCaskill, without citing which cabinet picks she thought were actually good. The Democratic Party turns the nomination hearings into political theater without acknowledging that they don’t have the votes necessary to prevent any of Trump’s nominees from being confirmed, thanks to the disastrous leadership of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, praised Trump’s pick for Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, in November and recently voted in favor of Trump’s pick for Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. He also affirmed support for Trump’s Secretary of Defense General James Matthis. This is hardly the opposition one would expect from someone who claimed that Trump acts like Vladimir Putin’s defense lawyer.

Bloomberg reported on January 19 that billionaire investor Warren Buffet “overwhelmingly” supported Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, as have several other Clinton supporters from Wall Street. Hillary Clinton touted Buffett’s support during her campaign and had Buffett introduce her at rallies. Another Clinton campaign surrogate, billionaire Mark Cuban, praised Trump’s Secretary of Treasury nominee, Steve Mnuchin, stating “I hire people like that.”

For several prominent Clinton supporters, criticizing and attacking Trump has devolved into a novelty, where they freely make outlandish statements to incite outrage and rally establishment support. Simultaneously, they abandon the polarizing partisanship they induce when it suits the interests of the corporate and wealthy donors that preside over the establishment. Clinton Shills Constantly Contradict Themselves Over Trump Outrage