Elmwood Park Councilman to Run for Mayor

Dombrowski hopes to succeed late Mayor Richard Mola

Dombrowski (center) with council running mates Ingui and Leider.

Dombrowski (center) with council running mates Ingui and Leider. Photo courtesy of Joseph Dombrowski

Elmwood Park Mayor Richard Mola passed away in October after serving as mayor of the small Bergen County, New Jersey town for 45 years. The Republican’s death means that Elmwood Park will now have a special election in November 2017 in order to select Mola’s replacement.

On Tuesday, Elmwood Park Councilman Joseph Dombrowski announced that he would be pursuing the position. If elected, Dombrowski would be the first Democrat in the position and first new mayor since 1973 when the town changed it’s name from East Paterson. Dombrowski was first elected to the Elmwood Park council in 2013.

“Since the passing our late mayor, many residents have encouraged me to run for mayor,” said Dombrowski in a statement announcing his candidacy. “After speaking to my family, many residents, and community leaders, I have decided that Elmwood Park needs a Mayor that has the vision and drive to make Elmwood Park progress, grow and prosper. Elmwood Park deserves forward-thinking leaders who will work to build a more promising community for the next generation.”

Currently, Councilman Robert Colletti is serving as the interim mayor, a position which he assumed shortly after Mola’s October death. Like Mola, Colletti is a Republican. He has yet to announce if he will be running for a full term as mayor in 2017.

Running for council as Dombrowski’s running mates are Denise Ingui and Jeff Leider, both “long-time residents and community activists” according to Dombrowski’s announcement.

Elmwood Park Councilman to Run for Mayor