A New Guacamole Restaurant In NYC Has 16 Crazy Guacs—And We Tried and Ranked Them All

Flip through the slides to see what we thought of these unique guacs.
Sage Lazzaro/Observer

16. Pumpkin

K: You know they were thinking of capitalizing on pumpkin spice season.

S: I thought this might be interesting. You'd think the textures would go well together, but the flavoring is ok in one bite, but I wouldn't want to eat it. Not my favorite and definitely at the lower end.

K: No. Bottom. Last one.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

15. Tequila abenero

S: It's pretty good. I like it better than the chipotles.


S: Oh wow. That after taste is coming in right now.

K: It's a very strong abenero.

S: That is spicy!

K: I like spice, but that is strong.

S: I like the flavor, but I don't think I can eat a whole thing of it.

K: Me neither. I just drank half of my water. Wow.

S: My mouth is on fire. I'm trying to eat the traditional to ease it.

Two minutes later.

K: My mouth is still on fire. I'm going to chew some gum.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

14. Asado tomatilla

S: This kind of tastes like the traditional.

K: There's a spice to it, but it's very plain.

S: Nothing to it. I would put this toward the end, right above the pumpkin.

K: C'mon the pumpkin was terrible.

S: Ok, but toward the end.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

13. Crispy Chipotle

K: Spicy

S: I like the flavor of the chipotle, but it's not personally my favorite way to add crunch. I may like the smoked chipotle more. I guess we'll see. But I'd say I like it more than the pumpkin.

K: I'm not really a fan of it. I mean, I like spicy.

S: It's not doing it for me though. I like it less than all of these.

K: The pineapple was also spicy, but we were like WOW.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

12. Manzanilla green olive

K: I like this one a lot. The olives are good.

S: I don't like it. I don't like it at all.

K: I love olives.

S: I hate olives.

K: There's a distinct olive taste.

S: I need water. I put this all the way at the end.

K: No way.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

11. Queso fresco

K: It's OK. I think I was expecting a lot more.

S: I think it's exactly what you'd expect. Like I wouldn't expect the cheese to add that much flavor. It's good, but it just tastes like a little sprinkle of something extra.

K: I think it'd be cool if they added the queso fresco with like, the pepperoni.

S: I'll try right now and mix them!

S: That's pretty good.

K: I feel like it's good but missing something you're getting from the rest.

S: I feel like it's boring. It's just kind of there.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

10. Exotic mango

S: I'm excited for this because I love mangos. They're my favorite fruit and I order mango everything.

K: I'm actually disappointed. I don't think it goes well with guac. I'm gonna say no.

S: It's good once I get a piece of actual mango in it, but I don't taste that much.

K: I don't like it. I don't think it goes together.

S: I'm saddened because it's my favorite fruit. I think it goes with it fine, it's just not doing much for me. I wouldn't put it very high.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

9. Smoked chipotle

S: I like it less than the crispy chipotle.

K: What?? I like it more.

S: I don't like it. Too smokey. All I taste is smoke. I don't taste anything but smoke. Is there even avocado in here?

K: It reminds me of a BBQ.

S: The only one I like less than is the pumpkin. It's too smokey.

K: No, I like it a lot. It reminds me of southern BBQ.

S: I wish it only reminded me of it, but it just tastes like it. I tastes like I licked the grill.

K: I guess it just comes with our palates, because I really like it. I would eat that all day.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

8. Lemon artichoke

Sage: That's really good and I love artichoke dip, but the lemon makes it great for guac.

Kellianne: I don't really taste the lemon. Moderate. It was good. It was just average.

S: I would also say it's average. I taste the artichoke, but it doesn't transform the guacamole.

K: I don't even taste it.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

7. Golden fried bacon

K: I like the bacon. I think it adds the crunch that I really liked with the pepperoni, but I think the pepperoni outranks the bacon.

S: I think if you prioritize crunch, the bacon is more crunchy. But if you want more of a flavorful, spicy aftertaste, then the pepperoni. I like the bacon. It's good, and I can see a lot of other people liking it a lot.

K: I think there's also a good kick to it. And it's extra crispy.

S: I'm not the biggest bacon fan, but I would order it. It's a solid choice.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

6. Traditional Scampi

S: Oooh that is good. Oh man.

K: It's a good mixture of like Italian, heavy garlic.

S: Yeah, it tastes like Italian food, but it's avocado.

K: The scampi is great. The garlic is so good.

S: Honestly it's good, but I don't think I could eat a whole bowl of it. I like a few bites of it, but it's a really different approach.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

5. Traditional

K: Really good

S: That's just really good. That's a solid traditional. Guacamole is the way it is for a reason.

K: And you have to think, if you're here for Mexican food, this will flavor so well with a dish.

S: True, but here you might just be wanting it as an appetizer and to try new flavors. I wouldn't put it super high because the point of coming here is trying them, but it's still really good.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

4. Crispy pepperoni

S: I don't know how I feel about meat in my guac.

S: Actually that's pretty good.

K: I was going to say, I'm not really a fan of pepperoni. But it's crispy and I really like the extra crunch.

S: It has a crunch and a spicy aftertaste.

K: Wait, wait, I think I like this more than the apple.

S: Oooh, no I still like the apple more. But, you know I would never really get pepperoni on my pizza or anything, but it's good! It's good in the guac.

K: It's the crunchiness. I think it's my favorite so far.

S: Wow, and that's coming from a girl who hardly eats meat.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

3. Apple

K: I'm excited for apple.

S: I have a lot of high expectations for apple.

K: The apple is good. The apple is very prominent.

S: The apple is good! I feel like I could eat a lot of it. Apple is going on the strong side of things.

K: I think it's roasted. It has a caramel-y taste.

S: There's something about the tangy-ness and sourness of an apple that's really complimenting the avocado.

K: The apple is definitely good. It kind of has a light kick.

S: I think the key here that we might discover while tasting all of these is that, so in the pumpkin one, the pumpkin flavor overwhelmed the guac flavor and the avocado. But in this one they go together really, really well. So it's about complimenting it rather than overwhelming it. I could write a think piece on this.

K: For sure, for sure.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

2. Spicy pineapple

S: I have been personally looking forward to the pineapple because I love pineapple.

K: I like it a lot.

S: I like it a lot, but not quite as much as the apple.

K: I don't know what it's spiced with, but I think pineapple is a better mix than pepperoni.

S: They're close. Almost tied, but I have to say pineapple

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

1. Corn

K: I really like the corn.

S: I like the corn a lot, and here's why: it tastes traditional enough that it isn't overwhelming and you wouldn't want to eat a whole bowl of it, but the corn adds a subtle, crunchy adventure.

K: It's the crunch.

S: It's not like i'm eating this crazy thing. It's different but really, really good. It's subtle enough.

K: And it weirdly goes.

S: I would maybe order the corn as an alternative to the traditional. Get two crazy flavors and this is will bring you back down to Earth while being new and interesting.

K: I agree with that.

S: We're giving rave reviews for the corn.

K: I'm actually craving the corn.

Sage Lazzaro/Observer

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If you (like President Obama) were one of those people that completely freaked out about peas in guacamole, this article may make you a little bit uncomfortable. But read on, because it turns out it’s entirely possible to improve the traditional guacamole recipe by adding ingredients a whole lot weirder than peas. Try apple, pepperoni and even pumpkin.

With 12 core varieties of guacamole and a changing seasonal menu, a new restaurant in NYC called GUAC Tacos + Tequila has made the beloved green dip its schtick. The East Village eatery is currently serving up 16 unique varieties of guacamole.

For a guac lover like myself, this news was too good to be true. I couldn’t resist stopping by to try each and every one. With the purpose of ranking them, I brought along my guac-hating friend Kellianne to get a second opinion. So without further ado, flip through the slides to see how these crazy guacs ranked and read our deeply analytical tasting notes for each.

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